Community Service/America Reads

The guidelines used by the JHU Office of Student Financial Support defines Community Service as work that improves the quality of life for community residents, particularly low-income individuals, or work that solves particular problems related to the needs of the community. It consists of work in fields such as education, health care, social services, recreation, and community improvement, among others.

For America Reads, the work must specifically involve tutoring preschool and/or elementary-aged children in the areas of reading or math.

Please Note: For a student job to be classified as Community Service or America Reads it must FIRST be identified and approved as such by SFS.

If you think that your student job qualifies as Community Service/America Reads please contact the Office of Student Financial Support.

Summer FWS

Summer FWS for undergraduates is typically limited to Community Service/America Reads. Therefore, before submitting a summer position to the Student Employment website it must first be approved by SFS should you wish to require FWS. The only exception is FWS jobs limited to Graduate Students only. PDF Document: Find more information on Summer FWS.