Salary Guidelines

We have designed four pay-grade levels to be used in association with student jobs. These grades are based on individual skill levels and qualifications which we suggest should be required for all student positions. Again, these are SUGGESTED pay grades that have been designed to help employers ensure that the pay for students is equitable. For your convenience, please see the general descriptions for each pay grade as well as the average hourly wage for Homewood students:

Grade Level 1 ($11.00 – $12.00)
No experience or previous training required. These positions consist of routine tasks with minimal responsibility. Student employee is well supervised.

Grade Level 2 ($12.00 – $13.00)
Little to moderate experience, technical knowledge, or previous training necessary (i.e., typist, data entry operator, word processor, etc.). Special instruction may be necessary for some aspects of these positions. Student must possess the ability to learn new tasks and work independently with limited supervision.

Grade Level 3 ($13.00 – $16.00)
Moderate to substantial training or experience necessary. Independent judgment and high mental activity and/or manual dexterity are required for these positions. Must possess special skills with a high level of competence and/or have advanced technical knowledge and experience. These positions require independent judgment and decision-making ability with little or no direct supervision. May involve supervision and training of others.

Grade Level 4 ($16.00 + above)
In addition to duties and/or responsibilities associated with Grade Level 3, these positions require an individual who possesses special skills and advanced technical knowledge. Student would be involved in decision making on an administrative level, conducting analysis, developing programs and/or computer applications; and determining strategy. May involve overseeing special projects.

When hiring a student at an hourly wage of $20.00 or above please note the job description/title in the Comment section of the ISR.

Please note: Pay grades associated with the above job descriptions are independent of a merit/annual increase.