Continuing Students – Using FWS

For students who will continue to work in the Same Department – Same Job using work-study, either between academic years (OR) if you hired the student non-FWS and are changing ‘to’ FWS (within the same year), you will not complete an ISR.

Instead, we have created an electronic form for your convenience that allows you to update the student’s payroll information in SAP using the new Job Continuation Form (JCF)

Example Scenarios:

  • Student/s with FWS worked for your department last academic year and is returning this year to the same job. The JCF will automatically apply the new FWS to the position.


  • You hired a student during the summer non-FWS and plan to continue their employment through the fall. The student informs you that they have FWS for the academic year. The JCF will automatically apply the FWS to the position.

However, if the hourly rate of pay you enter is different from what currently exist in SAP, you MUST also submit an ISR Salary Change.

Verify FWS Award

To be certain that your student has an FWS award, ask the student to show or give you a copy of their on-line FWS Authorization Form. To do this, the student will use their MyJHU account to sign into SIS, select the appropriate academic year, save the form as a PDF, and email to you.