Paid Leave

While the benefits of working through the student employee program are immeasurable, students working in on-campus positions are not eligible for benefits such as holiday pay, vacation or tuition remission.

Jury Duty

This section applies to graduate students with KSAS and WSE only.

Graduate students with the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS) and the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE) who are employed in a student position (i.e. teaching assistant, research assistant, fellowship, hourly worker, etc.) summoned for jury duty or subpoenaed to testify, is authorized to be absent from his/her work for the actual time required by such service.

If summoned, you must present the summons or subpoena to your immediate supervisor before a leave can be issued. Graduate student employees are eligible for paid leave of absence as a juror or court witness. Federal Work-Study funds, however, cannot be used in these instances — departments must fund this leave using other resources.

Jury duty or duty as a court witness is service and time spent away from a university position as a result of a subpoena issued by a court. Service as a volunteer expert witness or other volunteer court duty is not included in the provisions in this leave of absence.