Nonresident Status

Students are eligible for nonresident status provided they have:

  • Completed all coursework and requirements for the graduate degree other than the presentation and defense of the formal master’s essay or the doctoral thesis
  • Reached the end of their departmental support period or have exhausted support from grants and cannot be supported by the department

Student Employment Eligibility

The following guidelines apply when hiring and paying a student on nonresident status:

  • Students in nonresident status may work no more than 19.9 hours per week or fewer during the academic year
  • Students in nonresident status must be paid hourly on a semi-monthly basis. Hours worked must be entered directly into the Cross Application Timesheet System (CATS).
  • You may not use a nonresident student’s PERNR from another position; you must establish a separate position.


  • During intersession and summer, nonresidents students may work up to 37.5 hours per week. They may also work in a teaching capacity during this time, in which case they may be paid salaried.
  • Students in nonresident status who receive a fellowship may be paid salary on the semi-monthly payroll.