Off-Cycle Payment Request

When the hiring department submits an Off-Cycle Payment Request to PRSS for a student employee they MUST be sure to verify that the ISR New Hire form has been approved by the Office of University Experiential Learning.

Assuming that the ISR in question missed the deadline posted by University Experiential Learning for a particular pay date, please note that late documents are not worked/approved out-of-sequence. To be fair to everyone, University Experiential Learning must work/approve ISRs that are submitted to us by our posted deadline BEFORE we can focus on late documents. This includes late documents with an Off-Cycle Check Request. In short, this means that your ISR will not be processed immediately (current pay cycle), but will be processed prior to the next pay date.

For more information, please click on the appropriate link below:

PDF Document: Off-Cycle Payment Request Form Instructions

PDF Document: Off-Cycle Payment Request Form