Payroll Forms & How To

1) ISR New Hire Form:
Once you create the position and it is (finalized), you must process an ISR New Hire form to put the student on payroll using your SAP org unit, cost center, etc. Be sure to select University Experiential Learning as Approver 2 when hiring a Homewood student.

To view a sample of an ISR New Hire Form as well as to get answers to FAQ, visit our list of ISR samples.

Once your ISR ‘New Hire’ form has been finalized you will receive an email from HR Shared Services. After which, you must go to the ISR Report Log to view the final recipient comments, this is where you will find the student’s personnel number. You will use this personnel number when entering hours into CATS.

2) Form I-9
You should have instructed the student to complete the Form I-9 at the time of hire, if you did not, do it now. Remember, if the student fails to complete a Form I-9 within 3 business days following their first day of work; you MUST instruct them to STOP WORKING IMMEDIATELY. For more information, visit Form I-9.