Performance Matters

Performance Evaluations

The goal of the hiring department should be to foster their student workers by providing constructive feedback aimed to enhance the student/s work performance and professional development. To help departments do this, we have created a PDF Document: Student Performance Evaluation Form template and recommend that all student workers be evaluated, at least annually.

Addressing Poor Performance

When a student fails to meet the expectations of the hiring department, we strongly recommend that necessary steps be taken to help the student fully understand his or her area(s) of weakness with an eye toward helping the student grow and develop in the workplace.

Recommended steps include:

  • Meet with the student to review his or her job description and expectations.
  • Acknowledge those things that the student has done well and address areas of weakness.
  • Discuss corrective steps that need to be taken, including a timeframe for marked improvement.
  • Inform the student that their failure to adhere to these expectations may or will result in dismissal.

Dishonest/Criminal Misconduct

If you suspect a student employee of dishonest or criminal misconduct on the job, (i.e. falsifying hours on timesheets, forging supervisors signature, theft of office property, unauthorized use of computer accounts, etc.) it is your responsibility to immediately report your suspicions to the Office of Student Employment Services.