Ph.D. Candidates

Ph.D. candidates have officially completed their degree requirements after the Graduate Board approves his/her candidacy and after the President has signed off on the official degree roster. This occurs three times per academic year: in late August, December and May.

Once Ph.D. candidates have completed their degree requirements and have all appropriate documentation approved and signed, they must:

  • be removed from the university payroll system or
  • receive a post-doctoral appointment with a student payroll status change or
  • be hired into a staff position

Exception: Ph.D. candidates who have completed their degree requirements and received a postdoctoral appointment from the university may be reassigned prior to their degree conferral, provided a copy of the thesis submission is provided to the appropriate dean’s office before the appointment is slated to begin. In the comments section of the ISR write: “A copy of the thesis has been submitted to the Dean’s office.”

For more information, see PDF Document: Guidelines for Reassigning Students into Staff Positions (PDF).

PhD & Grad Students in F-1 and J-1 Paid by Stipend

Students receiving a stipend who wish to undertake additional on-campus employment during fall or spring semester would only be eligible to do so if the position qualifies for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Please contact OIS at to determine if CPT is necessary. Students requiring CPT need to allow time for the authorization process before beginning their new position.

The following OIS webpage explains the scenario for grad students paid by stipend. Visit: