Ph.D. Candidates

Ph.D. candidates have officially completed their degree requirements after the Graduate Board approves his/her candidacy and after the President has signed off on the official degree roster. This occurs three times per academic year: in late August, December and May.

Once Ph.D. candidates have completed their degree requirements and have all appropriate documentation approved and signed, they must:

  • be removed from the university payroll system or
  • receive a post-doctoral appointment with a student payroll status change or
  • be hired into a staff position

Exception: Ph.D. candidates who have completed their degree requirements and received a postdoctoral appointment from the university may be reassigned prior to their degree conferral, provided a copy of the thesis submission is provided to the appropriate dean’s office before the appointment is slated to begin. In the comments section of the ISR write: “A copy of the thesis has been submitted to the Dean’s office.”

For more information, see PDF Document: Guidelines for Reassigning Students into Staff Positions (PDF).