Hiring & Payroll Guidelines

  • An appointment letter from the appointed Dean’s office regarding Postdoctoral Fellows in order to process payroll documents (ISR Forms); we cannot accept verbal approval. The appointment letter must contain the dates (start/end) as well as the FTE and/or semi-monthly salary guidelines.
  • For KSAS departments, the ISR must match the dates and salary outlined in the appointment letter exactly; unless otherwise noted in the Comment Section of the ISR. For WSE departments, the dates and salary on the ISR may fall ‘within’ the dates and FTE outlined in the appointment letter.
  • With regard to additional assignments/wages, separate from the appointment, University Experiential Learning must receive written confirmation of approval by the appropriate Dean’s office. The only exception to this rule is for teaching with Summer/Intersession Programs, the Heart Program, etc. The approval for this has been standardized by the Dean’s office and no further documentation is required.


Postdoctoral Fellows may obtain a J-Card. Once the Postdoc is active in SAP and has a JHED ID, they must visit the J-Card Office to have their photo taken and J-Card issued. The J-Card office is located at 51 Garland Hall, 3400 Charles Street. For additional information, please visit the website of J-Card Services.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Reason code LOA may NOT be used for student employees, including Postdocs. Should a student be granted academic LOA, he or she must be removed from the payroll system (OR) be transferred to a full or part/time ‘staff’ position. The only exception to this rule is for Postdocs who are approved for Short-Term Disability.


  • KSAS and WSE postdoctoral fellows will be automatically enrolled for short term disability insurance provided by The Hartford.
  • Benefits begin after the 14th consecutive day of absence and continue for up to 11 weeks provided the postdoc remains disabled and unable to work. Pay continues at the full rate during the 14-day absence.
  • The plan pays 60% of weekly base earnings, not to exceed $1,000 per week, for an eligible absence.
  • A postdoc’s benefits may be reduced if he/she is receiving other disability benefits (i.e., Workers’ Compensation, Social Security).
  • HOW TO (the process)
    • When the postdoctoral fellow is placed on payroll, the Benefits office will inform The Hartford that he/she is eligible for short-term disability insurance (this notice is made weekly). If the postdoc has no payroll, regardless of the situation, he/she will not be included on the eligibility list to The Hartford.
    • If a postdoc becomes unable to work, he/she should: (1) inform the local departmental administrator or appropriate HR representative immediately; and (2) contact The Hartford at 800 303-9744. Additional information available here at:PDF Document:
    • The department administrator or appropriate HR representative should complete an ISR putting the postdoc on Leave of Absence status and zeroing his/her payroll for the appropriate effective date. Approver 2 must be University Experiential Learning. (Note: There is a 14-day elimination period that the PD can remain on the payroll.)
    • The Hartford will decide whether to approve/deny the claim.
    • The Hartford will notify the postdoc’s supervisor via email with a decision. Brenda Askew in the the Homewood Office of Human Resources also has access to retrieve information from The Hartford regarding approvals/denials. Brenda will then contact the departmental payroll staff member to ask if there are any questions regarding the completion of the ISR and E210.
    • If the claim is approved, The Hartford will pay the postdoc directly for a period of up to 11 weeks. There are no further payments after the 11-week period.
    • When the postdoc returns, the Return from Leave of Absence ISR is processed by the departmental administrator or appropriate HR representative. Approver 2 must be University Experiential Learning.

PLEASE NOTE: The administration of the short-term disability benefit with the Hartford and any questions regarding that benefit can be directed to the office of the Benefits Service Center and Office of Benefits Services.