Responsibilities (Employer)

The following information is intended for JHU departments/staff, university wide, who hire and supervise Homewood students of KSAS and WSE. It is the employers responsibly to…

Hiring & Payroll

  • Process the necessary ISR document, immediately, upon hire.
  • Verify with University Experiential Learning if the student needs to complete an I-9 Form; this can be done with a call to our office.
  • If the student has a federal work-study (FWS) award, it is the responsibility of the hiring department to monitor all earnings to ensure the student does not exceed their awards.

If the student is new to the university payroll system:


  • Review job duties and expectations with the student.
  • Provide proper training and appropriate supervision. For more information see, PDF Document: Student Training ChecklistPDF Document: .
  • Outline all department policies and consequences should the student fail to meet expectations (i.e., dress code, submission of timesheets, use of office equipment, time and attendance, etc.).
  • Conduct performance evaluations and provide students with constructive feedback necessary to enhance their work performance and professional development. For your convenience, we offer a PDF Document: Student Performance Evaluation Form.