ISR Do’s / Don’ts


  • When hiring a Homewood student, regardless of where the student works within JHU, you must select University Experiential Learning as the Approver 2.
  • Make sure that ALL fields on the ISR are complete; incomplete/incorrect documents may be rejected causing a delay in payroll.
  • Verify that the position being used is VACANT -and- that the attributes of the position fully match the student being hired.
  • Immediately notify University Experiential Learning if you have submitted an Off-Cycle Check Request, this will alert University Experiential Learning that the corresponding ISR should be moved to the top of their ‘approval’ list.
  • What to include in the Comment Section of an ISR:
    • For Bonus Supplement, the hourly rate, number of hours, and dates worked must be in the comments.


ISR Position Create forms do NOT require an Approver 2. Thus, when creating positions for students leave the Approver 2 field blank.