Supplemental Pay

For Homewood students, the Bonus/Supplemental Pay ISR should be used when processing a recurring payment, an additional payment, or a payroll deduction. For a list of reason codes go to PDF Document: SAP Custom Help.

If you wish to give a student a one-time lump sum Fellowship payment, you can do so by submitting an ISR Bonus Supplement. In this case, it is not necessary that the student has a Non-Employee position; it can be paid using either an existing Non-Employee position -OR- a ‘taxable’ position. However, the reverse does NOT apply. You CANNOT pay a taxable lump-sum Bonus Supplement using a Non-Employee PERNR.

IMPORTANT NOTE – If you wish to pay a student on a recurring basis for more than 4 pay-cycles (2-months) we ask that you please process an ISR Hire to properly hire the individual into a student position.