Verifying ISR Forms

Approver 1 (Hiring Dept.)

For New Hire ISRs, the Approver 1 must verify the following:

  1. Position in SAP is vacant.
  2. Position matches the student’s status (i.e., UG, Grad, Postdoc, Fellowship).
  3. Position matches job description (Hourly vs. Salary (and/or) Wage vs. Fellowship).
  4. If FWS, ensure that the ZCode and Award Dates are entered and accurate.
  5. Ensure that all required fields are completed.
  6. Ensure that University Experiential Learning is selected as Approver 2.
For Bonus Supplements:
  1. Hourly rate of pay, number of hours, and dates are indicated in the comment section.

Approver 2 – (University Experiential Learning)

Verifies the following:

  1. Enrollment Status (i.e., eligibility, personal data, etc.)
  2. Status of Position (i.e., job group, etc.)
  3. Concurrent Employment
  4. FWS Award
  5. Appointment Criteria
  6. Non-Resident Criteria
  7. I-9 & Tax Form Completion

For clarification or additional information, please contact University Experiential Learning at 410-516-8414 or email us at