Termination VS. Reassignment

Below is a guide addressing when it is appropriate to terminate a student position -verses- resign a student based on SAP functionality and tax requirements (i.e., Wage vs. Fellowship). This does not negate any additional processing requirements for University Experiential Learning.

  1. Changing a student from employee group 7 to staff. Example: graduation
    1. In this case, you would submit an ISR Reassignment
  2. Changing from student (employee group 7) to fellowship recipient (employee group 8) – and/or vice versa. Here you have two options, they are:
    1. Students may hold multiple positions simultaneously. Thus, if you wish the student to hold both a wage and a fellowship position (i.e., concurrent employment), you would simply submit a New Hire ISR placing the student into a ‘Non-Employee’ Fellowship position.
    2. If you do not wish the student to retain both a wage and a fellowship position, you must submit an ISR Termination for the ‘wage’ position followed by an ISR New Hire for the ‘fellowship’ position. In this case, the student will receive a new pernr associated with the new position number. Please note: You cannot initiate a Position Maintain on an existing position from wage to fellowship & vice-versa.