Timesheet (CATS)

The SAP Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS) is used to enter and process time for ‘hourly paid’ employees. When entering time, minutes must be converted into decimal hours PDF Document: (Time Conversion Chart).

It is the responsibility of the hiring department to collect and record student hours. The law requires that employees be compensated within a reasonable time frame (typically the next pay cycle following the start date). Therefore, to ensure that your students are paid on time and without delay, we strongly suggest that you establish a fixed day/time for students to submit their timesheets to your office on a weekly basis. For your convenience, we offer a PDF Document: Generic Student Timesheet. Time-entry cutoff dates are all available on the University & Medicine Shared Services website.

Please note, for auditing purposes, student timesheets must be retained for seven (7) yearsthis is a Federal Regulation.

To Correct Hours Already Processed

Go to the correct date in CATS and enter missing hours or change hours already entered.

To Correct Labor Distribution

Go to the correct date and enter the correct cost center, internal order, or WBS element. Clear the cost center, internal order or WBS element that was used and enter the correct one. When correcting hours or cost distribution of an existing record that has already been processed, the system will prompt you for a short text reason. Short text is entered by left-clicking on your mouse. A short text entry box is displayed. The reason for the change should be entered and the record saved. Records that have changes will display in red.