New Payroll Initiators

The following guidelines are meant to help new payroll initiators as well as anyone needing a refresher on the processing steps needed to hire & pay a Homewood student; regardless of where the student is working within the university system. Hiring a student is similar to onboarding any employee in that you must already have, else create a vacant position; initiate a New Hire ISR; and the student must complete a Form I-9. Detailed instructions for these and other critical steps are outlined below. Also, you must select University Experiential Learning as PDF Document: Approver II on the ISR form. Failure to do so could cause a delay in payroll.

For your convenience, we have included links to our most frequently visited web pages including Answers to FAQs. To learn who qualifies to be hired into a student position see, Eligibility. Please note, the following guidelines do not apply to student Temp-Jobs.

Steps to Hire & Pay a Homewood Student

Creating/Copying a Position

If you do not already have the type of position needed, one must be created. For example, Undergraduate Student Salaried. See ISR Position Create. Please note, the Position Create ISR does NOT require an Approver II. If you list our office as Approver II, your ISR will be rejected. Should your department need multiple copies of this type of position, you can request additional copies based on your department’s need. You simply need to include a request in the Comments Section at the time you submit the ISR.

If your department already has a position type that meets your requirement, but it is occupied by another student, you must initiate an ISR Position Copy. This type of ISR also does NOT require an Approver II. Please note, if you use a position that is already assigned to another student employee, your ISR will be rejected.

Once your ISR Position Create/Copy has been finalized, you will receive an email from HR Shared Services. After which, you must go to the ISR Report Log to view the final recipient comments and find the new position number. Be sure that the position number referenced on the ISR New Hire form is a vacant position and that the pay frequency matches the hiring information.

To check if you have a vacant position, go to PPose.

New Hire ISR

Once you have a position, you must process an ISR New Hire to put the student on payroll with your SAP org unit, cost center, etc. Be sure to select someone from University Experiential Learning as PDF Document: Approver II. You will receive an email from HR Shared Services notifying you that the ISR New Hire has been finalized. Once again, you must go to the ISR Report Log to view the final recipient comments, which is where you will find the student’s personnel number (PERNA). We offer examples of all ISR types including, the ISR New Hire.

PDF Document: New Hire Checklist – this form is completely optional. The form is designed to make certain that the ISR Initiator has all necessary information needed for completing the New Hire ISR. Note, an ISR document cannot be saved once started. For this reason, it is extremely helpful to have the checklist completed by the student and/or hiring supervisor prior to starting the ISR. It is a useful tool and absolutely optional.

Permanent Address – When initiating an ISR New Hire for an incoming graduate student, who does not yet have a local address, you may use the mailing address of the graduate department. However, you must remember to direct the student to ESS to update their address once activated in the payroll system (or) the department can complete a Personal Data Change ISR as soon as possible to update the address accordingly.

Form I-9

A Form I-9 (E-Verification) must be completed by all employees, including student employees. This refers to students who are new to the university payroll system or students who have had a break in service. If you are hiring a student of KSAS or WSE, and are uncertain if they have completed the I-9 for the university, you can contact University Experiential Learning to verify their I-9 status.

To Complete the Form I-9, please direct students to the Form I-9 page of the Student Handbook.

TB Test Requirements

For departments that require employees, including students, to provide valid proof of a “negative” PPD skin test for tuberculosis, it is your responsibility to ensure that the student/s comply as part of the hiring process. The Student Health and Wellness Center can provide this screening free of charge if the student has the JHU Student Health Benefits Plan. If they have private health insurance, they need to pay $10 for each PPD placement.

Work Permit

All students age 17 and under must have a valid work permit on file for the State of Maryland before beginning work.

To secure a work permit:

  1. Go to
  2. Read the instructions and complete the online application for work permit
  3. Print the application upon completion
  4. The student, their parent/legal guardian, and your hiring department (employer) must sign the application
  5. Bring the completed/signed application to University Experiential Learning

ID Badges (SOM)

Departments within the School of Medicine who hire a Homewood student must write a letter to their schools Registrar requesting that an ID badge be issued. Upon receiving the letter, the Registrar’s office will give the student an ID request form. The student must complete the form and take it to the JHMI Parking and Identification Office where the actual badge will be issued. The letter must include the student’s full name, personnel number, reason for the badge, and length of employment. Be sure to use department letterhead.

Other New Hire Tools