Post / Close Jobs

Student jobs, both on & off-campus, work study & ‘non’ work-study, including PAID on-campus Internships, can be POSTED, CLOSED, and REPOSTED at Post/Close Jobs.

For off-campus internships, contact the Career Center at 410-516-8056; for-credit internships contact the Office of Academic Advising at 410-516-8216.

Job Number

Postings are reviewed and approved within 24 hrs of submission. You will automatically receive confirmation of your job posting along with an assigned Job Number. You will use this number to close and/or repost your student job in the future.  When reposting, be sure to update any pertinent information such as Start Date and Hourly Wage.

Close a Job

Immediately upon filling your position, please log-in and CLOSE your job.   If you do not remember your Job Number you can use your last name or company/dept name to search for the job number.

Repost a Job

You may re-post your position online at anytime using the Job Number.  Again, if you do not remember your Job Number you can use your last name or company/dept name to search for the job number.  Please be sure to UPDATE all pertinent information such as the start date, rate of pay, etc.

Un-Allowable Job Posting

This site does not accept job notices that are: Commission Paid, Initial Investment Required, Independent Contractor, Military Recruiting, and/or Pay Less Than Minimum Wage.  Also, job postings must include a ‘Street’ Address; P.O. Box numbers will not be accepted.