Special Events

Student Employment Services hosts 3 special events each year. In the fall, we host a Student Job Fair where students can meet and talk to campus employers as well as off-campus businesses in the area. Each April, we host National Student Employment Week at JHU which is a celebration of the thousands of students who work throughout the university. In the spring, we host the annual Student Employment Awards Ceremony where we name the JHU Student Employee & Supervisor of the Year. Winners go on to a regional then national competition.

Throughout the year, we also take part in special events sponsored by other departments such as Orientation, Multicultural Affairs, Center for Student Success, and others. To learn more about these exciting events, see below.


Job Fair BannerThe student job fair is held each September at the beginning of the school year. It offers Homewood students the opportunity to meet perspective employers, both on-campus and off. Student can also learn about completing the I-9 Form, which is something that you must complete if they plan to work on-campus.

Departments from the Homewood campus, JH Medical Campus, and others are on hand to meet and talk with students about job openings.

Many employers conduct interviews on-the-spot, so come prepared. Below are some tips to help you be ready:

  • Dress is business casual
  • Bring at least 5 copies of your Student Job Application
  • If you have a resume, bring at least 5 copies
  • Bring your JCard – it’s required for entry
  • Bring your class schedule so that you know ‘exactly’ when you are available to work
  • Print and bring your ticket – see below



Each April, Johns Hopkins joins colleges and universities nationwide in celebration of National Student Employment Week.

This weeklong celebration honors the tens of thousands of students nationwide who work while attending college. Here at Johns Hopkins, we have nearly 4000 students who work in departments and labs throughout the university.

For more details, visit National Student Employment Week

JHU Student Employee of the Year

JHU Supervisor of the Year



tableStudent Employment Services takes great pride in helping to prepare tomorrows leaders by providing our students with part-time work experiences that fosters leadership development and allows for the integration of classroom learning with the work experience.

Nearly 4000 JHU students work on-campus each year, without whom, the university could not fulfill its mission. The award ceremony provides us the opportunity recognize and honor these outstanding students as well as the faculty and staff who supervise them.

The annual Student Employment Awards Ceremony takes place each April in conjunction with National Student Employment Week. All nominees, their co-workers, and the person/s who nominated them are invited to attend. Winners are announced and go on to compete in the regional then national competition. Cash prizes and awards are conferred along the way.

See previous JHU Student Employee of the Year and Supervisor of the Year winners.