Student Job Fair

Students and employers at student job fair

The student job fair offers Homewood students the opportunity to meet with departments from Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Public Health, and others who are looking to hire students to work in their offices and labs in between classes. Many employers conduct mini interviews on-the-spot, so come prepared. Tips to help you be ready include:

  • Dress is casual
  • Bring at least 10 copies of your Student Job Application. On your application be sure to:
    • List all available hours; you can discuss ‘preferred’ work schedule during the interview.
    • Include all work ‘and’ volunteer experience (your role in a school club, organization, sport team, etc.).
    • List all special skills (i.e., Excel, Power Point, Social Media, Photography, etc.).
  • Bring your JCard (the fair is FREE, but we need to know who’s entering)
  • If you have one, bring at least 10 copies of your resume
  • Bring your class schedule so that you know ‘exactly’ when you are available to work
  • Print and bring your ticket; your application is your ticket to the job fair

DATE: Friday, Sept 7, 2018

TIME: 10am – 1pm

LOCATION: Glass Pavilion



a group of students filling out forms at the DMC tablea student gets information from an employer