Tax Exempt Deadlines

Students who are currently claiming exempt from Maryland State and/or Federal tax withholding for their campus job and wish to continue exempt status in 2023, must re-file new Tax Exempt Withholding Forms on or before February 15th. This also applies to students who do not currently claim exempt, but wish to do so. Please note, exempt status last for only one calendar year (January – December).

To file new tax withholding forms, you must log into myJHU, click “HR,” then select “ESS” (Employee Self-Service). Once in ESS, click “Payroll Information,” then “Federal and State Withholding.” From here, select “Review” and then “Save” the record.

New York State Residents: Students who work for the university –and- are New York state residents, your earnings may be subject to NY state tax withholding (in addition to MD State and Federal withholding). If you wish to claim exempt from withholding for New York State personal income tax, you must meet the conditions as instructed and complete the PDF Document: PDF Document: Form IT-2104-E. This form must be submitted to the Office of University Experiential Learning on or before February 15th.

If you need assistance, please contact University Experiential Learning at 410-516-8400.