New Students

Welcome! The first step is to register with our office which is as easy as creating your online student job application. Once approved, you will have access to the student jobs database. The 4-steps to are:

1. Register & Create a Student Job Application

This is your application for campus employment and the foundation of your resume. As your skills and experience grow, you can choose which experiences you wish new employers to see when applying for on-campus jobs.

    • Be sure to list ALL available hours; you can discuss ‘preferred’ work schedule during the interview.
    • Include all work and volunteer experience (i.e., high school clubs/organizations, service positions, sporting roles, etc.).
    • Include all special skills (i.e., Excel, Power Point, social media, photography, etc.).

2. Find a Job

Finding a campus job is easy since we always have jobs available. New jobs are posted daily and no job stays open for more than 30 days. Best of all, you can “tweak” your job search based on your preference. You can search by:

  • Job Location – Homewood campus, Medical campus, Off-Campus, etc.
  • Job Category – Academic Assistant, Life Guard, Web Manager, & many more
  • Start Date, or, you can do a full search

3. Complete I-9 Form

This is a federal form required of all new employees. Most important to note, is that you MUST have original documents to complete this form, such as your SSN Card or Passport – and – MUST be completed within 3-days of your start date . See the complete PDF Document: list of acceptable documents. An appointment is required, make an appointment.

4. Get Paid

Pay dates are the 15th and last day of the month, unless otherwise noted. When hired, be sure to ask when you can expect to receive your first pay. BTW, the average starting wage for Homewood jobs is $9.25 – $10.00 per hour; other JHU campuses pay slightly higher to compensate for travel time. To learn about direct deposit, and more, click the above link.