Ways To Celebrate National Student Employment Week

Do it Yourself

Host an Ice Cream Social

Host a Build-Your-Own Ice Cream Sundae Party.

Have different flavor Ice Creams as well as Low-Fat and Non-Fat so that everyone can take part. Be sure to have lots of Toppings, Nuts, Chopped Fruit, etc., on hand for building the perfect Sundae!

This is the type of event that everyone enjoys. This is something the whole department could take part in.

Have a Pizza Party

Designate a day when everyone can get together to enjoy Pizza and Camaraderie.

Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni, Veggie, Bread Sticks; maybe a salad too. Use your imagination and have fun!

Confectionery Care Packages

Fill a small bag with assorted goodies such as cookies, chocolates, cheese crackers, candy, toiletries, and STAMPS to make a care package for your students. For those who enjoy cooking, homemade cookies and treats are especially welcome.

Students always appreciate food items and Postage Stamps!

Host a Dessert Party

Calling all bakers! If you have a large number of students and funding is tight, ask for volunteers to bring in their favorite baked good or sweet treat.

Purchase a sheet cake, cupcakes, or brownies. Make it a real dessert party that EVERYONE can enjoy.

Lunch at Hopkins Club

Many of our students have never been or will not have the opportunity to visit the Hopkins Club.

If your budget allows, treat your student/s to lunch including a tour of the Club. It’s a memory they will take with them when the graduate.

Present Gift Cards

Give a gift card for a local eatery, Barnes & Noble, a store on the Avenue, etc.

If you don’t know about the Avenue you need to explore Hampden, our neighbor community.

Give JHU Attire

Students enjoy anything Hopkins. Be it a sweatshirt, ball cap, etc., they love receiving JHU memorabilia.

The JHU bookstore carries a full line of gift ideas, or you can purchase products from our department.