Third Party Payers

The Johns Hopkins University Third Party Payer (TPP) team coordinates the third party payer contracts process. This team prepares and sends invoices for qualified tuition and fees, maintains third party payer and related student accounts, and manages all correspondence regarding these contracts. Regardless of the funding source, all student payments must include the Hopkins ID (six-character alphanumeric combination) of the student to ensure it is correctly posted to their respective SIS account. Alternative identifiers include your JHU e-mail address, mailing address in SIS, or first/last name.

What is a third party payer?

A TPP is an organization that sponsors all or part of a student’s tuition and fees. Examples include: domestic or foreign companies, corporations, foreign embassies, state prepaid tuition programs (most 529 accounts are considered prepaid programs), and state/federal government agencies (including the military and VA). We do invoice 529 accounts under Florida Prepaid, Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan, and College Illinois. At present, AmeriCorps is not considered a third party payer.

Note: A reimbursement is not considered a form of third party billing. A family member or friend is not considered a third party payer for this purpose. JHU does not accept contracts with third party payers that require grade/transcript review before payment. Conditions on contracts are not eligible for third party billing.

How to apply TPP funding on your student account

Once class registration is finalized and tuition charges applied to your account in SIS, students should upload an authorization letter (also known as a contract or sponsor agreement) to JHU via SIS Self-Service (see instructions below). The invoice management system reports are derived from SIS contract acknowledgements; with this in mind, the upload process is required for each semester/term for which a third party payer is sponsoring a student. Your contract in SIS must be uploaded and approved in SIS before the tuition due date each semester in order to avert any late fees charged by your program.

The authorization letter must be written in English, be payable in U.S. Dollars, and include the following:

  • Student’s legal first and last name
  • Student’s Hopkins six-digit ID# (an alphanumeric or numeric code located in the upper right corner in SIS Self-Service)
  • U.S. Dollar amount that the third party payer will be responsible for paying
  • Semester/term, or duration of program covered by the contract
  • A listing of specific charges that will be covered
  • Any restrictions on fees/charges that will not be covered
  • Third party payer’s billing address
  • Name, email address, and phone of contact person at third party payer
  • Signature of authorized representative (if required by the third party payer)
  • Purchase order or contract number for unique identification (if required by the third party payer)

How to submit your contract

  • PDF Document: Click here to review the contact submission process.
  • Once your submission is reviewed/accepted, the TPP office will add an anticipated payment credit memo to your account—this acts as a financial placeholder until we receive payment from the external entity.
  • In order for your SIS account to be invoiced for the correct dollar amount in addition to averting financial holds, contract uploads should be completed at a time where the student schedule is considered to be finalized.

Contact Information

All questions and any payments sent by mail should be directed to:

Third Party Payer Team
Johns Hopkins University
Garland Hall, B33
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone: 410-516-0949

Request Support

Please take into consideration delivery and processing time when mailing your payment. TPP is not responsible for any delayed or misdirected mail by the U. S. Postal Service or Campus Mail Services.