Message from the Director

A female health care provider wearing a surgical mask speaks to a student

Dear Johns Hopkins Students, House Staff, Fellows and Trainees:

We are delighted to introduce you to UHS.

At UHS, we are privileged to provide medical and mental health services to our Hopkins students, residents, fellows and trainees and their spouses/domestic partners. Our health care providers consist of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, and clinical social workers supported by our clinical and administrative staff. Our staff will assist you with your medical, appointment scheduling, billing and insurance questions. Our team is committed to providing care focused on your individual needs.

We are continually evolving in order to better meet your needs and hope that you will not hesitate to use UHS for your health care.

Please access this website for up-to-date news and information and to contact us with any suggestions about how we can further improve our services. Your feedback is not only welcome but necessary to our mission of providing you with the best health care available during your studies and training at Hopkins.

With best wishes for a healthy and academically productive stay at Hopkins,

Roanna Kessler, MD

Chief Medical Director, Student Health & Well-Being