SON Graduate Student Benefits

Health Benefits through UHS

Full-time, active students have access to UHS, regardless of enrollment in the Student Health Program (SHP) insurance. There is no charge for clinic visits for adult primary care and adult outpatient mental health services. However, additional services such as labs, x-rays, and medications will be billed to your health insurance.

Access to UHS services ceases upon graduation or completion of your fellowship or trainee appointment, so you and your covered spouse/same-sex domestic partner should begin to make arrangements to establish with a non-UHS provider for primary care and mental health needs at least 90 days prior to graduation. Participants in COBRA Student Health Program are not eligible to use UHS services.

Health Insurance

All degree and clinical certificate-seeking students must be covered by health insurance. Students must enroll in the Student Health Program (SHP) insurance unless they are covered by an alternative plan which meets minimum standards established by the School of Nursing. Enrollment must take place within 30 days of the first semester. Changes in enrollment can be made during the open enrollment period or as a result of a qualified “life event” provided application is made within 30 days of the qualifying event. Foreign or travelers insurance is not accepted. The student’s spouse, dependent children, and same-sex domestic partners are also eligible to enroll in SHP.

For more information about health insurance policies, visit the School of Nursing’s web page on student health insurance.

If you are enrolled in the SHP for your health insurance, you can view your medical benefits at a glance on the EHP website.

Pharmacy Benefits

Participants in the Student Health Program (SHP) (group #E00016) are covered by Caremark Prescription Services (group #W7569999). The program has a three-tier co-payment benefit (generic, preferred brand, and non-preferred brand). Details about the cost of prescriptions in each tier is available on the EHP website.

If the prescribed drug is less than the copay, the member pays the lesser amount. No deductible applies to pharmacy benefits. Additional information about pharmacy benefits, including in-network pharmacies, are available on the EHP website. A cost saving mail order prescription program is available for the convenient purchase of maintenance prescriptions. Please Note: The prescription plan covers oral contraceptives.

Exclusions: Prescriptions are covered if written by a primary care physician or specialist with whom you have formally established care. Prescriptions written by an SHP subscriber for another covered person in the SHP will not be covered by the prescription program. Prescriptions are also not covered under the SHP if written by a blood relative or a family member living in the home. Some prescriptions require prior authorization by EHP before they can be covered.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is not required for students in the School of Nursing. The Student Health Program does not have a dental benefit, except for cases when dependents under the age of 19 are covered under one’s health plan coverage. Students interested in dental insurance should investigate outside dental insurance companies.

Vision Care

Students are allowed one annual comprehensive routine eye examination/contact lens evaluation provided by Wilmer Comprehensive Eye Service within the health plan year, which begins JULY 1 and ends JUNE 30 only if the student is enrolled in both UHS and the Student Health Program insurance plan. Appointments can be made by contacting one of several locations shown below. When calling to make your appointment, please notify the person scheduling you that your examination will be covered by University Health Services. Your name and fee for the examination will then be placed on an account to be paid by the UHS Benefits & Billing Office. If for some reason you get a bill, please notify the UHS Benefits & Billing Office immediately and submit the bill for resolution. Please note that the fee for the routine eye examination/contact lens evaluation is not paid by your Student Health Program (SHP) insurance and you should not contact or submit the bill to them. Eyeglasses or contact lenses are not covered by the SHP insurance or by UHS. However, the Wilmer Institute Comprehensive Eye Service provides a 25% discount off of the retail price of prescription eyewear, frames, lenses, and lens treatments; 25% discount off all non-prescription sunglasses; and 10% discount off a year’s supply of disposable or planned replacement contact lenses.

Dependent vision care: Routine eye examinations or contact lens fittings for dependents under the age of 20 are covered under the SHP. Please refer to the insurance summary of benefits for specifics of services and benefits allowed or contact a customer service representative from EHP’s Student Health Program at 410-424-4450 for assistance.

The sites for the routine comprehensive eye examination/contact lens evaluations are:

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital – 410-955-5080
  • Greenspring Station – 410-583-2800
  • Columbia – 410-910-2330
  • White Marsh- 443-442-2020
  • Bel Air- 410-399-8443
  • Bethesda- 240-482-1100


Routine Immunizations: UHS offers routine, age-appropriate immunizations. Please note that the cost of immunizations is not covered by the health fee, but depends on your insurance coverage. Typically, the cost of these vaccines is covered in full if you have the Student Health Program (SHP). However, if you have health insurance other than SHP, please check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage.

Travel Immunizations: Travel immunizations are not covered by UHS or SHP. If you are traveling abroad and need immunizations, please contact the Johns Hopkins Travel and Tropical Medicine Clinic.