Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning happens throughout and across the college experience. The following five broad, division-wide student learning domains and related student learning outcomes statements define important co-curricular learning which Student Affairs deems integral to student learning and development.

For information on doing learning outcome assessment go to the Assessment Tools and Methods page.

Aspirations for Student Learning


Asking questions and exploring new ideas, new relationships, and new possibilities is central to the Student Affairs experience. Learners of all kinds are encouraged to dream big and develop their talents to support healthy communities where everyone thrives. As integrative thinkers and lifelong learners, students’ curiosity is harnessed and honed for the benefit of all.


Discovery begins within. Student Affairs helps students identify and strengthen their individual values in order to live with greater purpose. Students gain a deeper understanding of themselves and in turn identify their strengths, weaknesses, and ways to employ self-understanding as a powerful tool for success.


Relationships are vital to individual and collective success. Student Affairs helps students expand their local and global consciousness and discover ways to build understanding through inclusive and intentional connections. Embracing diverse perspectives and differing viewpoints fosters compassion and inspires action on behalf of others.


Developing character along with competency leads to confidence. Student Affairs instills values that promote personal growth and emotional strength. Navigating life’s many challenges requires not just intellectual fortitude, but also healthy self-esteem. Helping students grow both academically and emotionally builds tenacity, determination, and resilience.


Ethical decision making, socially responsible action, and impactful change are realized with great leadership skills. Student Affairs prepares students to become visionary leaders who address complex issues and make the world a better place.