Handshake Consent Form Information

Handshake Consent Form

In order to finalize your Handshake profile at Johns Hopkins University, you will need to visit the SIS self-service website and confirm your information sharing settings. (Please note that even existing users who already have Handshake profiles will need to do this.)

In SIS Self-Service, click on Personal Info (in the upper menu bar), and then select Handshake Consent, located at the bottom of the drop down menu. (Note: for those based at the School of Medicine, your menu bar may appear slightly different from the screenshots below).

How to access Handshake Consent in SIS

Complete the form. Any changes will be reflected in Handshake in approximately 24 hours. You may revisit and update this form at any time.

Tips on filling out the Handshake Consent Form:

  • The first checkbox denotes that a Handshake account has been created on your behalf, containing only information that is available in the JHU directory. This information includes:
    • Email address
    • Username
    • JHED ID
    • Card ID
    • Name (first, middle, last; preferred name)
  • You have the option to “uncheck” this box if you do not wish to have a Handshake account. Note that if you uncheck the box, this will deactivate your Handshake account. If you choose not to share this information, you may lose access to some Handshake tools and career services resources.

Image of consent form with instructions

  • Additional information is by default included in your Handshake account, as denoted in the above screenshot. These boxes (including JHU school, school year, education level, etc) will be automatically checked. Here you have the option to uncheck these boxes. If you choose not to share this information, you may lose access to some Handshake tools and resources which are customized to your school and program major.
  • Other information is NOT included by default; you must opt in if you wish to include information about your GPA, work authorization and veteran status in your Handshake account. Please review these optional fields and check as applicable to your situation.
  • Remember to save when finished!