Prototype Possibilities

Once you have learned about yourself and researched your options, you are ready prototype

Match your self-assessment data to your career research results. Consider which option fits best with your short and long-term goals. Review your values carefully, as these will influence your choices.

Keep in mind that you won’t be absolutely certain about an option until you try it out. Consider a job shadow experience where you have the opportunity to observe an employee in the workplace. Request to sit in on classes if you are considering a graduate program. Volunteer your time. Look for an externship or an internship to gain real world experience.

Everyone has different learning styles. Access resources on decision-making based on your preference: reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos, doing research.


Check out the following books (available at Sheridan Libraries) to help you navigate this process:


Listen to podcasts featuring different perspectives on how to make decisions:

  • Career Relaunch: Hear real stories from people who have made important life decisions.
  • RadioLab: “Choice”: Explore the conscious and unconscious factors that affect your decision-making.


Watch TEDTalks from the experts.


Equip yourself with tools you can use to make decisions.


Ask yourself the following questions: