Full-Time Day Students

Accessing Student Accounts

To view or pay any balance online, students may access their account by simply accessing SIS and signing in using the username and password they have been assigned.

Parents must be set up as “Authorized Users” by the student, in order to have viewable access to the account. Authorized users access the account and all financial activity on SIS with their own ID and password. Online payments are made by e-check using the account and routing numbers located at the bottom of any paper check.

In compliance with federal law and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the student is the only person who can grant anyone access to his/her account.

International Wire Transfers

Johns Hopkins University has engaged Western Union Business Solutions to facilitate the receipt of student fees by the Johns Hopkins University from international students. Learn more on the Payment Information page.


  • Students/parents enrolled in the monthly payment plan should continue to pay monthly. Half of your yearly contract will be credited to your fall bill and the remaining half to your spring bill. All new charges not covered by the original contract (library fines, lab breakage, etc.) should be paid directly to JHU upon receipt of an invoice, separately from your monthly payment plan installments. Funding to your J-Card (debit card) cannot be budgeted through the Tuition Pay Plan.
    • Refunds for any excess funds will be processed after the payment plan contract has been fulfilled. Students/parents can adjust the monthly payment plan if excess funds are on the account to avoid waiting for a refund.
  • Financial Aid Awards are divided evenly between terms. Loans are credited at the net amount. If any adjustments are made to these awards through appeal or change in eligibility, you should adjust your “Amount Due” to reflect the change. Your aid may be revised if you fail to sign any needed promissory notes for your loans. The Office of Financial Aid will notify you if your aid changes.
  • Outside scholarship checks may require your signature/endorsement before we can formally credit them to your account. We will send a notice to the student’s campus mailbox if you need to sign any checks. If you receive any scholarships besides those listed on your Award Notice, you must notify the Office of Financial Aid to determine your eligibility to retain your aid package.
  • Student Accounts will accept meal plan payments, however, students must sign a contract with Auxiliary Services to guarantee meal services.
  • Work Study awards are never included on any bill from Student Accounts. You will receive weekly paychecks based on your hours worked each week. Most students use this money for personal expenses, as it is not applicable to tuition or fees.