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Varsity Athletics

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Hopkins Athletics has 22 teams competing at the NCAA Division III level and 2 teams competing at the NCAA Division I level. These 24 Varsity teams encompass approximately 680 student-athletes.


  • Every student-athlete has a beginning of the year meeting with athletics department staff members. During this meeting, important university and department policies are covered, including the hazing policy and how to plan different activities.
  • All student-athletes sign a Hazing Acknowledgement form, which is required to complete before being eligible to compete.

Fraternity & Sorority Life

Leadership Engagement & Experiential Development (LEED) encourages students to participate in fraternities, sororities, and other student organizations. Such involvement enriches the university experience and can contribute significantly to the social and leadership development of Johns Hopkins University undergraduates. Antithetical to that experience and the university’s mission is the practice of hazing. Hazing violates university policy and state law and has no place in the fraternity and sorority community.

Educational Initiatives

  • All members sign the anti-hazing form when they become new members and at the beginning of every semester.
  • Chapters are required to participate in Hazing Prevention Week
  • Hazing prevention programs throughout the year
  • All new members must attend a new member bid day program
  • New Member Orientation
  • Each inter/national organization typically has additional requirements for its chapter members.

Recreational Sports

JHU Recreation Center logoRecreational Sports educates approximately 500 students who participate in one of their 41 recognized club sports teams.

Club Sports Initiatives

  • All Club Sports team participants must sign an anti-hazing acknowledgment form.
  • All teams must attend an anti-hazing workshop in the fall and spring.

Hazing Prevention Week

Nationally, Hazing Prevention Week takes place every September and is organized by At Johns Hopkins University, campus partners come together to organize programming around hazing prevention, education, and awareness. Programs include keynote speakers, trivia nights, participation in and attendance at athletic events, and peer-led trainings. The schedule for the Hazing Prevention Week 2018 is found on the Office of Leadership Engagement & Experiential Development’s website.

“We Don’t Haze” Video

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We Don’t Haze from Clery Center on Vimeo.

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