FLI Network

The First-Generation, Limited-Income (FLI) Network engages students and graduates by connecting community members with shared identities. The network’s aim is to enhance student success by cultivating a sense of belonging, inclusion, encouragement, and resilience among first-generation and/or limited-income students, faculty, staff, alumni, and allies.


  • First-generation students are typically from families whose parents, guardians and/or other custodial family members have not earned a four-year college degree.
  • Limited-income students are those with little to no family contribution or limited financial means. These students often receive need-based federal Pell grant assistance.
  • FLI graduates are faculty or staff that attended and graduated from college as a first-generation and/or limited-income student.
  • FLI students are first-generation, limited-income, or both.
  • FLI Friends are Non-FLI students, faculty, staff or alumni dedicated to supporting the success of FLI students

Join the Network

If you are a first-generation or limited-income student, alumni, faculty, or staff member, or are simply interested in serving as an FLI ally, please consider joining our FLI Network.

As a member, you’ll be listed on our community directory, be invited to FLI events, and receive our monthly newsletter to stay in the know about the latest updates and opportunities pertaining to the FLI community. You will also receive ‘FLI swag’ such as t-shirts, water bottles and laptop decals to show your pride and solidarity for the community.

Students receive additional benefits by joining, which include:

  • Leadership Opportunities: FLI student leaders and ambassadors.
  • Community Connections: Faculty dinners, FLI pre-orientation and retreats.
  • Professional Development: etiquette dinners, shadowing opportunities, FLI job search series, professional development retreats, and more.

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Tom McDermott headshotThe struggles and obstacles you navigate on a daily basis can sometimes leave you feeling both exhausted and isolated. Talk to your friends, be creative in your problem solving, ask for help, and above all else, persevere! All of these things will serve you well later on when you enter the work force full-time. – Tom McDermott, JHU staff member and FLI graduate

Network Members


Read stories and advice from JHU staff who were from first-generation and/or limited-income backgrounds.

NameTitle/DepartmentEmail AddressIdentification
Sharleen ArgamasoAcademic Services Administrator, Academic Advising[email protected]FLI Friend/JHU Alumni
Allison AvolioDeputy to the Dean of Student Life[email protected]FLI Graduate
Lauren BarrettAssistant Director, Life Design Lab[email protected]FLI Friend
Kelly BarryExecutive Director, Center for Student Success[email protected]
FLI Friend/JHU Alumni
Timothy BeaucageStudent Success Advisor[email protected]FLI Graduate
Yahellah BestStudent Success Advisor[email protected]FLI Graduate
Adriene BreckenridgeSenior Academic Advisor, KSAS Academic Advising[email protected]FLI Friend
Amanda ColaianniUniversity Administration, Annual Giving Officer[email protected]FLI Graduate
Joseph ColonDirector; Multicultural Affairs[email protected]FLI Graduate
Victoria DaweEvent Planner, Admissions[email protected]FLI Friend
Jen EwingStudent Success Advisor[email protected]FLI Graduate
Susi FerradasStaff Psychologist, Counseling Center[email protected]FLI Graduate
Dan FerraraStudent Success Advisor[email protected]FLI Friend
Joan FreedmanStudent Success Advisor[email protected]FLI Graduate
Keri FrischPartnership Manager, Public Health[email protected]FLI Graduate
LeTia Green-TetteyAdmissions Officer, Admissions and Joint Degree Programs[email protected]FLI Graduate
Tamara Harris-ColemanStudent Success Advisor[email protected]FLI Graduate
Bailey JackelenAssistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions[email protected]FLI Friend
Jon KindredAssistant Director of Athletics/Compliance & Operations[email protected]FLI Friend
Regine Laforest-SharifAssociate Director, University Housing[email protected]FLI Friend
Nickolas LantzExecutive Director, University Experiential Learning[email protected]FLI Graduate
Bri LaukaStudent Success Advisor[email protected]FLI Graduate
Leslie LeathersStaff Psychologist, Counseling Center[email protected]FLI Friend
Foliba LimaStudent Success Advisor[email protected]FLI Graduate
Jessie MartinAssistant Dean for KSAS Academic Advising[email protected]FLI Graduate
Pamela MasonStudent Financial Support, HSA Financial Aid Administrator[email protected]FLI Graduate
Terri Massie-BurrellDirector, Student Disability Services[email protected]FLI Graduate/JHU Alumni
Tom McDermottAssistant Vice Provost, Student Financial Support[email protected]FLI Graduate
Cara McNamaraSchool of Arts & Sciences, Academic Advisor[email protected]FLI Graduate
Durriya MeerAssociate Director Counseling Center, Counseling Center[email protected]FLI Graduate
Kesta MedoitProgram Coordinator, Center for Student Success[email protected]FLI Graduate
Liana MentorDirector of the Success Coaching Program[email protected]FLI Friend
Shannon MillerDirector of On-Campus Programs, Undergraduate Admissions[email protected]FLI Friend
Shakeyla MitchellStudent Outreach and Support, Student Life Administrator[email protected]FLI Graduate
Shaena MoodyStudent Success Advisor[email protected]FLI Graduate
Daryn MooreStudent Success Advisor[email protected]FLI Graduate
Margaret MurphyArt Workshop Manager, Center for Visual Arts[email protected]FLI Graduate
Kelsey ObringerStudent Success Advisor[email protected]FLI Friend
Jessica OrosAssistant Director of Student Conduct[email protected]FLI Graduate
Kwame PhillipsAssistant Director for Programming, Office of Multicultural Affairs[email protected]FLI Graduate
Kaitlin Quigley Assistant Director of Academic Support, Office of Academic Support[email protected] FLI Graduate
Kathy SchnurrChaplain, Religious and Spiritual Life/Interfaith Center[email protected]FLI Friend
Denise ShipleySenior Academic Advisor, WSE Academic Advising[email protected]FLI Friend
Eric SimmonsAcademic Advisor, WSE Academic Advising[email protected]FLI Graduate
Kathie SindtAssociate Director, KSAS Academic Advising[email protected]FLI Friend
Calvin SmithDirector of Student Leadership and Involvement[email protected]FLI Friend
Tracy SmithResearch Program Manager, Undergraduate Research[email protected]FLI Friend
Scott SpencerDirector of IT and Application Development, Office of the Registrar (Homewood)[email protected]FLI Friend
Bre StiflerDonor Relations Officer, Bloomberg Philanthropies[email protected]FLI Graduate/JHU Alumni
Shawntay StocksAssistant Director, Engaged Scholarship, Center for Social Concern[email protected]FLI Graduate
Dana Walter-ShockSr. Academic Program Coordinator, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering [email protected]FLI Graduate
Dynita WashingtonExecutive Specialist, Sr. Advisor to President Office[email protected]FLI Graduate
Leslie WeberDirector Montgomery County Campus[email protected]FLI Graduate
Calvin WiseDirector of Recruitment, Undergraduate Admissions[email protected]FLI Graduate
Andrea WisemanAssistant Director, Life Design Lab[email protected]FLI Graduate
Teresa WonnellDirector, Undergraduate Student Analytics[email protected]FLI Friend


NameTitle/DepartmentEmail AddressIdentification
Ludwig BrandProfessor Emeritus, Biology[email protected]FLI Graduate
AnneElizabeth BrodskySenior Lecturer, Expository Writing[email protected]FLI Friend
Maria BulzacchelliAssistant Research Professor, Public Health[email protected]FLI Graduate
Beryl CastelloSenior Lecturer, Applied Mathematics & Statistics[email protected]FLI Graduate
Kristin Cook-GailloudSenior Lecturer, German and Romance Languages[email protected]FLI Friend
Brint CooperAssociate Research Professor, Electrical & Computer Energy[email protected]FLI Graduate/JHU Alumni
Tristan DaviesSenior Lecturer, Writing Seminars[email protected]FLI Friend
Linda DeLiberoSpecial Advocate for Alumni and Outreach; Film & Media Studies[email protected]FLI Graduate
Baldeep Dhaliwal Research Associate, School of Public Health [email protected] FLI Graduate
Marc DonohueProfessor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering[email protected]FLI Graduate
Nicholas DurrAssistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering[email protected]FLI Graduate
William EggintonProfessor, German & Romance Languages[email protected]FLI Friend
Francois FurstenbergProfessor, History[email protected]FLI Friend
Eduardo GonzálezProfessor, German & Romance Languages[email protected]FLI Graduate
Claude GuillemardSenior Lecturer, German & Romance Languages[email protected]FLI Friend
Rigoberto HernandezProfessor, Chemistry Department[email protected]FLI Graduate
Christopher HoneyAssistant Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences[email protected]FLI Graduate
Todd HufnagelProfessor, Materials Science & Engineering[email protected]FLI Friend
Muhammad HusainSenior Lecturer, Economics[email protected]FLI Friend
Illysa Izenberg;Senior Lecturer, CLE[email protected]FLI Graduate
Susan KassinAssociate Research Scientist, Physics & Astronomy[email protected]FLI Graduate
Casey LurtzAssistant Professor, History[email protected]FLI Graduate
Amir ManbachiLecturer, Biomedical Engineering[email protected]FLI Graduate
John MarshallProfessor, History[email protected]FLI Graduate
Laura MasonSenior Lecturer, History[email protected]FLI Graduate
Tobie Meyer-FongProfessor, History[email protected]FLI Friend
Kumiko OishiAssistant Research Scientist, Center for Imaging Science Faculty[email protected]FLI Friend
Yi-Ping OngAssistant Professor, Comparative Thought & Literature[email protected]FLI Graduate
Tom Özden-SchillingAssistant Professor, Anthropology[email protected]FLI Graduate
Alison PapadakisAssociate Teaching Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences[email protected]FLI Friend
Julie ReiserDirector, Marketing & Communications Program, Center for Leadership Excellence[email protected]FLI Graduate
Darlene SaporuAssistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Krieger & Whiting Schools[email protected]FLI Friend
David SavittProfessor, Mathematics[email protected]FLI Friend
Pam SheffDirector, Center for Leadership Excellence[email protected]FLI Graduate
Sara ThoiAssistant Professor, Chemistry[email protected]FLI Graduate
Christy ThorntonAssistant Professor, Sociology[email protected]FLI Graduate
J. D. TovarProfessor, Chemistry[email protected]FLI Graduate
Rene VidalProfessor, Center for Imaging Science Faculty[email protected]FLI Graduate
Aliza WattersLecturer, Expository Writing[email protected]FLI Friend
John WiermanProfessor, Applied Mathematics & Statistics[email protected]FLI Graduate
Deborah ZiskaLecturer, AAP Museum Studies[email protected]FLI Graduate


NameGraduation Year
Diego AlbabuClass of 2019
Demy AlfonsoClass of 2017
Sami AyeleClass of 2019
Mariam Banahi Class of 2020
Chamia DorseyClass of 2020
Skylar Freyman Class of 2020
Maria Ortiz Gonzalez Class of 2018
Cori GraingerClass of 2020
Christian Garcia HernandezClass of 2018
Naadiya HutchinsonClass of 2020
Fatima KamaraClass of 2020
Jessica KeeneClass of 2019
Richard KimClass of 2019
Shirley LiClass of 2017
Kiana (Paige) McCootyClass of 2020
Phillips Mitchell Class of 2013
Sara NutterClass of 2020
Dana QuinnClass of 2014
Alex Pasqual Rivera Class of 2018
Isabel SiordiaClass of 2020
Lisa TranClass of 2020
Sharon TruongClass of 2020
Madeleine UraihClass of 2018
Ariadne Villegas Class of 2017
Juliet VillegasClass of 2018
Alice YangClass of 2020

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