Blue Jay Family Ambassadors

Parents smile for a posed photo with their two daughters outdoors on JHU's campus

The Blue Jay Family Ambassador Program provides Blue Jay Families the opportunity to participate and volunteer in various capacities by assisting the Family Engagement office. There are three committees: First-Generation, Programming, and Welcome Call Committee.

You have the option to participate in one, two, or three committees. Once you complete the committee form, a representative from the Family Engagement office will follow-up periodically when there are initiatives, programs or services that need support or input from families. Enrollment into the Ambassador Program does not expire.

About the Program


Objectives of the Blue Jay Family Ambassador Program include:

  • Enhancing communication between Johns Hopkins parents and family members on topics of interest and concern to students
  • Creating awareness of resources and assisting with the transition of parent and family members of incoming and current students
  • Providing networking opportunities for parents and family members of current and incoming students
  • Providing support and assistance to Johns Hopkins University programs and services that meet the needs of parents, family members, and students
  • Serving as a vehicle by which parents and family members can express their questions, suggestions, and ideas about programs and services at Johns Hopkins University
  • Representing the needs and concerns of Johns Hopkins parents and family members to the University


Blue Jay Family Ambassadors must:

  • Be the parent or family member of a current student
  • Be able to volunteer their time or help support at least one BJF event
  • Be excited about JHU
  • Love to network and engage with other parent and family members
  • Want to learn more about the JHU community


Members of the Blue Jay Family Ambassadors shall:

  • Volunteer on at least one committee
  • Work with the designated chairs for each committee
  • Constructively engage in group discussions and decision-making
  • Volunteer for Blue Jay events
  • Comply and agree to the Blue Jays Family Ambassadors Statement of Ethics and Standards (see next tab)

Committee communications will primarily be conducted via email, with committee meetings held via teleconference. Ambassadors will not be required to come to the Homewood campus unless they have volunteered for an event.

Ethics & Standards

Policy Against Sexual Harassment

Ambassadors need to comply with the institution’s PDF Document: sexual harassment policy.

Conflicts of Interest

Members recognize their obligations to the Blue Jay Ambassadors and seek to avoid private interests, financial benefits, obligations, and transactions that are in conflict of interest or give the appearance of impropriety. Ambassadors shall distinguish clearly between statements and actions that represent their own personal views and those that represent Johns Hopkins or Blue Jay Ambassadors group.

Integrity of Information

Ambassadors should at all times be accurate, exercise appropriate restraint, and show respect for the opinion of others. They should make every effort to indicate that they are not speaking for Johns Hopkins University.

Campus & Community

Ambassadors shall promote a sense of community among all areas of the campus by working cooperatively with students, faculty, staff, and others outside the institution to promote the mission and purpose of Johns Hopkins and the Blue Jay Ambassadors. Members shall foster a climate of collegiality and mutual respect.


First-Generation Committee

Committee members will:

  • Actively engage in enhancing our first-generation students’ experience.
  • Assist with outreach initiatives.
  • Participate in focus groups in order to provide feedback on how we can enhance the first generation student’s experience at JHU.
  • First-generation college students are typically identified as students whose parents, guardians or other custodial family members who have not completed a four-year degree.
  • Blue Jay Families who are interested in this committee do not have to be a parent or guardian of a first generation student.

This committee is primarily active during spring, summer, and fall.

Programming Committee

Committee members will volunteer for one or more of the following:

  • The Programming Committee helps the Family Engagement office identify ways in which we can proactively engage our Blue Jay Family members in the following programs below:
  • Family Orientation Programming
  • Family Weekend programming
  • Admissions events
  • Senior Toast
  • Other outreach initiatives
  • Residential and dining experience
  • Career services
  • Dining services

This committee is primarily active during spring, summer and fall.

Welcome Call Committee

Committee members will:

  • Blue Jay Families who are interested in this committee will be asked to make welcome phone calls to the incoming family members of first-year and transfer students on behalf of JHU.
  • Families of upperclassmen will be provided resources to assist them with the phone calls and any questions.
  • Work with Director of Family Engagement on script, content, and any other training materials needed before making calls.

This committee is primarily active in late summer and early fall.

All Blue Jay Families who live in Baltimore, surrounding areas or in other states are welcome to volunteer for any committee.