Religious Holy Days

Memorandum of Religious Holy Days (Academic Impact)

This is a list of Religious Holy Days that may impact our students, faculty, and staff during the Academic year. This is NOT a complete list for every religious tradition and does not guarantee exemption from work or school obligations.

Word Document: Memo – Religious Holy Days 2021 – 2022 (for internal use only)

RSL Interfaith Center List of Religious Holy Days

Please see below for a more complete list of religious holidays by date.

All multi-day holidays listed on the day they begin with duration included
*means dates may vary, either by region or country or depending on the lunar calendar.

**Begins at sunset the evening before the dates indicated



Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2021 August 1 Lughnasadh Pagan/Wicca
1-14 Fast in Honor of Holy Mother of Jesus Christian (Orthodox)
6 Feast of Transfiguration Christian
9-10** Al-Hijra Islam
13-15* Obon (Bon Festival) Shinto
15 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Christian (Catholic)
15 Dormition of the Theotokos Christian (Orthodox)
18-19* Ashura Islam
30-31* Krishna Janmashtami Hindu


Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2021 September 4-11* Paryushan Parva Jain
7-8** Rosh Hashanah Judaism
8 Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary Christian (Catholic)
9 Fast of Gedaliah Judaism
10 Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu
11 Ethiopian New Year (Enkutatash) Rastafari
16** Yom Kippur Judaism
21-22** First Days of Sukkot Judaism
21 Nativity of the Theotokos Christian (Orthodox)
22 Autumn Equinox Mabon Pagan/Wicca
28-29** Sh’mini Atzeret /Simchat Torah Judaism
29 Michaelmas Christian (Catholic)


Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2021 October 2 Feast of the Guardian Angels Christian (Catholic)
11 Indigenous People’s Day Native American Traditions
15 Dussehra Hindu
19** Mawlid an Nabi Islam
20 Installation of the Scriptures as Guru Granth Sikh
22 Birthday of Guru Ram Das Sikh
31 Samhain Pagan/Wicca
31 Reformation Day Christian (Protestant)
31 All Hallows Eve Christian (Catholic)


Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2021 November 1 All Saints Day Christian (Catholic)
2 All Souls Day Christian (Catholic)
2 Day of the Dead Mexican Traditions
4 Lakshmi Puja Hindu
4 Diwali Hindu
5 Gujarati New Year Hindu
6 Birth of the Báb Bahai
7 Birthday of Baha’u’llah Bahai
15 Shichigosan Shinto
19* Birthday of Guru Nanak Sikh
23 Niinamesai Shinto
25** Day of the Covenant Bahai
26 Native American Heritage Day Native American Traditions
27** Ascension of Abdu’l-Baha Bahai
28 First Day of Advent Christian
29 -Dec.6** Hanukkah Judaism


Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2021 December 8 Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary Christian (Catholic)
12 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Christian (Catholic)
14 Fast of Tevet 10 Judaism
21 Yule Pagan/Wicca
24 Christmas Eve Christian
25 Christmas Christian
26 Zarathosht Diso (Death of Prophet Zarathushtra) Zoroastrian
31 New Year’s Eve (Gregorian calendar)


Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2022 January 1 New Year’s Day (Gregorian calendar)
1 Gantan-sai Shinto
6 Epiphany Christian
6 Feast of Theophany Christian (Orthodox)
7 Feast of Nativity Christian (Orthodox)
9 Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Sikh
10 Seijin Shiki Shinto
10 Bodhi Day Buddhist
13 Maghi / Lohri Sikh
14 Makar Sankranti Hindu
16 World Religion Day Bahai
17 15th of Shevat Judaism
18 Mahayana New Year Buddhist
31 Birthday of Guru Har Rai Sikh


Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2022 February 1 Chinese New Year Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist
2** Imbolc Pagan/Wicca
2 Candlemas Christian
3 Setsubun Shinto
5 Vasant Panchami Hindu
12 Darwin Day Humanist
14 St. Valentine’s Day Christian
25-March 1 Ayyám-i-Há Bahai


Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2022 March 1 Shrove Tuesday Christian
1 Month of Fasting begins Bahai
1 Maha Shivaratri Hindu
2 Ash Wednesday Christian
2-April 14 Lent Christian
3 Hina-Matsuri Shinto
7 Clean Monday Christian (Orthodox)
16** Ta’anit Esther Judaism
17** Purim Judaism
17 St. Patrick’s Day Christian (Catholic)
18 Holi Hindu
18-20 Hola Mohalla Sikh
20 Ostera – Vernal Equinox Pagan/Wicca
20 Nowruz (Persian New Year) Zoroastrian
21 Naw-Rúz Bahai
25 Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Christian (Orthodox)


Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2022 April 8 Buddha’s Birthday Buddhist
10 Palm Sunday Christian
10 Rama Navami Hindu
13-May 11** Ramadan Islam
14 Maundy Thursday Christian
14 Vaisakhi Sikh
15 Good Friday Christian
15 Fast of the Firstborn Judaism
16 Theravada New Year Buddhist
16 Holy Saturday Christian
16-23** Pesach / Passover Judaism
17 Easter Sunday Christian
18 Birthday of Guru Angad Sikh
18 Birthday of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sikh
21 First Day of Ridvan Bahai
24 Orthodox Easter Christian (Orthodox)
28* Laylat al Qadr Islam
29 Ninth Day of Ridvan Bahai
30** Lag B’Omer Judaism


Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2022 May 1 Beltane Pagan/Wicca
3** Eid al-Fitr Islam
23 Birthday of Guru Amar Das Sikh
24 Declaration of the Bab Bahai
26 Ascension of Jesus Christian
29 Ascension of the Baha’u’llah Bahai
30 Feast of All Saints Christian (Orthodox)


Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2022 June 5 Pentecost Christian
5-6** Shavuot Judaism
12 Trinity Sunday Christian
13 Orthodox Pentecost Christian (Orthodox)
16 Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Sikh
16 Corpus Christi Christian
19 Juneteenth US Holiday
21 Litha Pagan/Wicca


Year Month Date (Range) Holiday Religious Tradition
2022 July 4 Independence Day US Holiday
5 Birthday of Guru Hargobind Sikh
10 Martyrdom of the Bab Bahai
13 Asalha Puja Day Buddhist
16-August 7 Tish’a B’Av and The Three Weeks Judaism
24 Pioneer Day (public holiday on the 23rd) Christian (Latter Day Saints)