Imam Sajid Settles

Assistant Chaplain

Sajid Settles has worked in the field of chaplaincy for over 15 years in religious centers, correctional facilities, and educational institutions. He is a Muslim who strives to bring about clarity in life for both students and staff and create an atmosphere of peace throughout the university. This will be achieved through education, experience, diversity, knowledge, and the experiences of the people that he serves. Sajid acquired a diploma in the Arabic language from the University of Medina. He received his undergraduate degree with a dual concentration in human services and criminal justice from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He acquired a 4-year diploma in Islamic Studies from the Kuwait Ministry of Education and a graduate degree in religious studies with a focus on Islam from the Chicago Theological Seminary and Bayan Islamic Graduate School. Prior to his time at Johns Hopkins, Sajid worked as an aid for various Imams and community leaders, as a counselor, and as a chaplain in Maryland, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Kuwait.