Credit Balances & Refunds

You may be entitled to a credit balance refund when payments to your SIS account, including financial aid awards, scholarships, institutional Aid, DGA and loan disbursements, exceed your Johns Hopkins University tuition and fees and other charges for a given semester. The Homewood Student Accounts team reviews and processes according to the PDF Document: Credit Refund Schedule. In anticipating payment of a refund, here are a few important facts to keep in mind:

  • Credit refunds are issued on Disbursed Aid, and not Anticipated Aid or Financial Aid Memos.
  • Anticipated Aid or Financial Aid Memos temporarily reduce the account balance owed and represents aid that has not been funded to Johns Hopkins. Please contact Student Financial Services for more information.
  • There is no need to request a refund. The Student Accounts team will review and process refunds automatically according to the Credit Refund Schedule.
  • Refunds of credit balances are issued to the student. Some exceptions are made for Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS Loans).
  • You will receive an email notification to the preferred email address in SIS once the refund is processed by the JHU Treasury Department.
  • Upon withdrawal for a term, students utilizing military TA assistance for tuition support will have their funds returned to the US government according to the return policy for Title IV federal aid. More information about this policy can be found here.


Johns Hopkins University students are eligible to receive refunds resulting from credit balances in their student accounts. In response to requests from students to provide more efficient and flexible options, the University completed an assessment of outside vendors and selected BankMobile as its vendor for refund management. BankMobile offers students the opportunity to receive their refunds in one of two ways: direct deposit into an existing personal bank account, or direct deposit into a new checking account (with an associated debit card) with BankMobile.

All new students should be on the lookout for the Bright Green Refund Selection Kit from BankMobile. Once it arrives, simply follow the steps below to make your refund preference selection. Once established, all refunds processed by the Student Accounts office will be deposit directly to your preferred account.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Personal Code
  3. Select how you’d like to receive your money

Lost, forgot or never had a code? Follow the “I Need a Code” link from

View Johns Hopkins University’s contract and U.S. Department of Education Compliance Book with BankMobile, a division of Customer Bank.