Student Experience

Hop-In is a high-touch, high profile program that supports the success of first-generation and pell-eligible students at Johns Hopkins University. The Hop-In Program offers year-round academic, career, and personal enrichment opportunities for students to develop academically, professionally, and personally as leaders at Hopkins. In this program, students are exposed to various programs and services necessary to foster high academic excellence, leadership growth, and professional preparation. All incoming Hop-In students will have access to an upper-class peer mentor, exposure to various academic support resources, opportunities to interact with faculty, and a cohort-based community of scholars.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can learn more about the Hop-In Program by viewing answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact

Should my child join?

The Hop-in Program is designed specifically for first-generation (students whose parents have not completed a bachelor’s degree) and limited income ( students who are pell-eligible) students. Although it is not possible to host students for an in-person summer experience, Hop-In remains committed to providing students with a premier student experience. Students will participate in a 6-week summer virtual experience with customized cohort programming and activities offered synchronously and asynchronously.

How do I join?

After receiving an invitation, students can complete the online registration form.

How many students will be admitted into the program?

The Hop-In Program will accept 40 incoming first-year students.

Will I be able to meet current Hopkins students?

Yes! Eight current Hop-In students will serve as Peer Leaders. These student leaders will provide social, academic, and procedural guidance support throughout the summer and academic year. All incoming Hop-In students will also be paired with a Hop-In Buddy. Your Hop-In Buddy will assist you with course registration and other activities on your incoming student checklist.

What support is offered through the Hop-In Program?

  • A strong support network, which includes a community of over 250 Hop-In scholars and alumni
  • An upper-class peer mentor will be available through the summer and academic year.
  • A dedicated Hop-In section of a 1-credit course with customized programming and session topics designed to meet your academic, social, and career goals and promote your overall wellness.
  • Opportunities to engage frequently with JHU faculty and staff members.
  • One on One coaching sessions with a Hop-In Advisor
  • Access to a variety of funding resources: Book Loans, Educational Materials Funding, 2021 Fall Start-Up Grant, 2022 Summer Tuition Assistance Grant, and 2022 Summer Opportunity Grant

Academic Year Program

Hop-In students receive ongoing guidance, academic support, advocacy, financial literacy programs, and career exploration and growth opportunities until graduation. In addition to one-on-one meetings with a Hop-In team member, students can also expect the following support throughout their matriculation at Hopkins.

First Year

During the first year, Hop-In students are exposed to coaching and programs focused on personal development, academic skills development, major exploration, and financial literacy. These activities include:

  • Asynchronous Library of Resources
  • Arrive & Thrive course
  • Plans for Success- Time Management, Study Skills, and Goal Setting
  • Access to CSS Life Design Educator
  • Cohort Building Activities
  • Dedicated FLI programming
  • Networking Opportunities with Faculty and Staff
  • Peer Mentors

Second Year

During the second year, Hop-In students are exposed to coaching and programs focused on leadership development, professional development, major selection, and research. These activities include:

  • Faculty/Staff Mentors
  • Mentoring Opportunities
  • Portfolio Development
  • Access to CSS Life Design Educator
  • Research Opportunities (PURA/HOUR)
  • Dedicated FLI programming

Third Year

During the third year, Hop-In students are exposed to coaching and programs focused on experiential learning and experiences, career preparation, long-term goal setting, and financial planning. These activities include:

  • Shadowing Opportunities
  • Professional Mentoring
  • Life Design Support
  • Internships, Study Abroad, and Lab Experiences
  • Dedicated FLI programming

Fourth Year

During the fourth year, Hop-In students are exposed to coaching and programs focused on their post-Hopkins plans and career management. These activities include:

  • Graduate and/or Medical School Preparation
  • Life After Hopkins Preparation
  • Alumni Networking
  • Life DesignSupport
  • Dedicated FLI programming

Hop-In participant IsaacHop-In was the perfect transition to college. I definitely would not have been as successful at Johns Hopkins without spending five action-packed weeks on campus. Not only was I able to take an entry level Neuroscience class, I was surrounded by mentors ranging from first-year students to graduates who provided me with the tools to succeed in class. – Isaac Bernstein, Neuroscience Major