Student Experience

Summer Program

Eligible incoming first-year students participate in the five-week Hop-In Summer Program to experience to gain early exposure to Johns Hopkins academic and social environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the Hop-In Summer Program by viewing answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Contact or call 410-516-8666.

For Parents

Should my child apply?

If your child has been admitted to Johns Hopkins University, and would benefit from taking preview courses, learning about campus resources, and developing relationships with peers, Hop-In might be a good option. Students who benefit the most from the program tend to be those whose parents have not completed a bachelor’s degree; will receive need-based aid; students whose high schools had little or no opportunity for elevated curricular study such as IB Higher Level and/or AP exam preparation; and students who may have significant time constraints during their first year of study.

Keep in mind, however, that students are expected to remain on campus for the duration of the program and will be subject to a curfew, regardless of age.

What are the Hop-In program dates?

This year’s Hop-In Summer Program will run from June 30 through August 3, 2018.

How much does the program cost?

All services including housing, meals, and class materials will be provided free of charge. Hop-In students will also receive a stipend. Student summer contribution will also be waived for students attending Hop-In.

Do students receive credit for the courses they take?

Yes! Students can take up to four credit hours.

For Students

How do I apply?

After receiving an invitation, you can complete the online application form.

What type of classes are offered?

Courses offered include: Calculus I, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Neuroscience, Introduction to Biological Molecules, as well as a humanities on public health course.

How many students will be admitted into the program?

The Hop-In Program will accept 40 incoming freshmen.

Will I be able to meet upperclass students?

Yes! Eight upperclassmen student leaders will be living in residential halls with Hop-In students and will mentor you and your peers throughout the school year.

What happens after the Hop-In Summer Program?

From the first year through senior year, students continue their personal and academic development through resource workshops, social events, and individual advising with the Hop-In staff. Hop-In students are also eligible to apply for grants covering research, internships, and summer classes.

Academic Year Program

Following the summer program, Hop-In students receive ongoing guidance, academic support, advocacy, financial literacy programs and career development until graduation.

Hop-In participant IsaacHop-In was the perfect transition to college. I definitely would not have been as successful at Johns Hopkins without spending five action-packed weeks on campus. Not only was I able to take an entry level Neuroscience class, I was surrounded by mentors ranging from first-year students to graduates who provided me with the tools to succeed in class. – Isaac Bernstein, Neuroscience Major