Success Coaching Program in Academic Advising

SCAA is growing. More info coming soon!

Program Mission

The mission of Success Coaching Program in Academic Advising (SCAA) is to partner with and support FLI students in defining and achieving their personal, academic, and professional goals through strategic advising and community building.

Program Vision

To empower FLI students to succeed academically and socially while at Hopkins, we engage in a four-year process of self-discovery and goal-setting that fosters self-efficacy by connecting students to opportunities for immersive experiences of community and purpose.

Program Values

  • We value authenticity, vulnerability, and compassion
  • We hold each student’s unique background, strengths, and identity at the center of our work together
  • We commit to active partnerships with students based on trust and accountability
  • We aspire to meet challenges as opportunities for growth and learning
  • We promote a holistic approach towards well-being and belonging
  • We collaborate with campus partners to further our students’ success