Success Coaching Program in Academic Advising

What is SCAA?

The Success Coaching Program in Academic Advising (SCAA) was established to support first-generation and/or limited-income (FLI) students’ academic success, cocurricular enrichment, and social well-being. JHU defines students as first-generation if neither parent (or guardian) graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college (or international equivalent), and limited-income is defined as Pell grant eligible. This program is designed to provide increased support with a holistic view of the student.


The mission of SCAA is to partner with and support FLI students in defining and achieving their personal, academic, and professional goals through strategic advising and community building.


To empower FLI students to succeed academically and socially while at Hopkins, the SCAA team engages in a four-year process of self-discovery and goal-setting that fosters self-efficacy by connecting students to opportunities for immersive experiences of community and purpose.

Our Program Outcomes are A.C.A.D.E.M.I.C.

Achieve. Students will fulfill all degree requirements to achieve degree completion.

Connect. Students will connect with the community through civic engagement activities to develop relationships as agents for social change.

Access. Students will identify and access resources that support their academic, personal, and financial well-being.

Develop. Students will develop a network of support by establishing meaningful relationships with their Academic Advisor/Success Coach, peers, faculty, and alumni.

Explore. Students will explore immersive learning experiences that align with their academic and professional pathways (e.g., research, internships, study abroad).

Mentor. Students will connect and serve, if desired, with peer mentors to share experiences, advice, and knowledge on how to navigate their undergraduate experience at Hopkins.

Interact. Students will engage and interact with the campus community through the FLI Network, student organizations, various leadership opportunities, and connect with alumni to create a sense of belonging.

Collaborate. Students will actively partner with faculty and collaborate on producing knowledge in various research fields.

SCAA’s Year-to-Year Coaching

SCAA provides FLI students with specialized year-to-year success coaching focused on academic, professional, and personal development that will enhance their undergraduate experience at Hopkins.

First Year

Resources & Community

First year SCAA students will learn how to access resources, build community, and support their overall well-being. One-on-one bi-monthly meetings with Academic Advisor/Success Coaches (AA/SC), connecting with HULAs, and participating in unique programming, firstyear SCAA students will visit topics ranging from setting goals to navigating relationships. Through a practical approach, students will have ownership over their experience as they transition into Hopkins with support from their AA/SC to assist in their growth and leadership development.

Second Year

Explore, Engage, & Experiential Learning

Second year SCAA students will learn how to develop versatile resumes and cover letters as they explore various application and interview processes for experiential learning opportunities (e.g., internships, research, study abroad, etc.). In their second year, students will be encouraged to engage in activities focused on developing their personal brand and values as they determine their professional pathway(s).

Third Year

Enhance, Immerse, & Self-Reflect

Third year SCAA students will self-reflect on their portfolio of experiential learning opportunities, degree completion requirements, and post-graduation goals. Students will immerse themselves in a variety of field-experiences intended to emphasize their application of knowledge (e.g., research, internships, conferences, professional associations, and/or study abroad). Third year students will utilize supplemental workshops and resources to enhance their networking skills in preparation for graduate school and/or career placement.

Fourth Year

Achieve, Emerge, & Connect

Fourth year SCAA students will spend time reflecting on their academic progress and personal goals they aimed to achieve during their undergraduate career. As students emerge as Hopkins alumnus, they will continue to broaden and deepen next steps toward their professional pathway(s). Through networking events and programs, fourth year students will connect with fellow SCAA participants to share their undergraduate experience.

Program Values

  • We value authenticity, vulnerability, and compassion
  • We hold each student’s unique background, strengths, and identity at the center of our work together
  • We commit to active partnerships with students based on trust and accountability
  • We aspire to meet challenges as opportunities for growth and learning
  • We promote a holistic approach towards well-being and belonging
  • We collaborate with campus partners to further our students’ success

Questions? Email us at [email protected]