For JHU Faculty & Staff

Resources for Faculty & Staff

On a mission to support access and equity for FLI students at JHU, the CSS delivers mentorship, advising, peer support, and social connection through the FLI Initiatives. Whether or not your work is FLI-centered, we encourage you to remind your students to access every resource available to them — including the FLI Initiatives! For faculty and staff of JHU, the CSS offers the following ways to get engaged:

FLI Insights and Advocacy

A primary goal of the CSS is to address gaps in access and equity across campus, both within and beyond the classroom. We operate from the belief that by welcoming FLI students into all the opportunities of a Hopkins education, we also improve the experience for all students. Much of our work involves exposing and explaining the hidden curriculum of higher education for FLI students and families. In supporting FLI students, we learn from their experiences. This helps us advocate for greater institutional readiness, so that the university continues to evolve for FLI students and the talents they bring to our campus community.

FLI Practitioners’ Workshop Series

Staff across the Homewood Campus are invited to share best practices while building community and a strong staff culture among FLI practitioners across JHU. This series highlights practice-oriented partnerships among the Center for Student Success, Counseling Center, Diversity & Inclusion, Academic Advising, Student Outreach & Support, Life Design, Student Financial Support, Admissions, Student Employment and many more departments and divisions across the institution. Each workshop highlights FLI-focused expertise in different areas, spreading outward across campus and pushing our institutional readiness to share our practices and programs nationwide.

Your FLI Experience Wanted

If you were a FLI student yourself, share your story of being a FLI student and inspire the next generation. Contact [email protected] to get connected.