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Johns Hopkins Underrepresented in Medical Professions (JUMP) is a learning community for pre-health JHU students who identify as underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities and/or first-generation and limited-income students. The JUMP program provides pre-health workshops and curriculum, holistic advising, peer mentorship, and academic and professional resources and opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and essential skills for successfully navigating the pre-med/health pathways at Hopkins and beyond.

Program Mission

With a strong commitment to promoting diversity in the physician and healthcare workforce. JUMP closely aligns itself to the American Association of Medical Colleges’ definition of underrepresented in medicine and its framework for holistic review. AAMC’s holistic review refers to mission-aligned admissions or selection processes that consider a broad range of factors—experiences, attributes, and academic metrics—when reviewing applications with the goal of promoting diversity and inclusion in medical schools and the physician workforce.

JUMP offers programming centered on essentials skills and knowledge of pathways to all underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities and/or first-generation and limited-income students pursuing careers in medicine and health professions. JUMP students are supported throughout their undergraduate career to navigate and access high impact opportunities and learn what it means to be a strong candidate for medical and health profession schools.


Starting in summer 2020, JUMP is expanding its programming. We’re beginning with a one-week “JUMP 101” program for incoming students on the pre-health pathways. Please check back here for programming updates about the Fall 2020 semester.