What’s JUMP?

Johns Hopkins Underrepresented in Medical Professions (JUMP) is a large learning community invested in helping you achieve your health professional dreams! Working in partnership with the Office of Pre-Professional Advising, Life Design and many other departments, JUMP provides pre-health workshops and curriculum, holistic advising, peer mentorship, and academic and professional resources and opportunities for students and recent graduates who want to develop their knowledge and essential skills for successfully navigating the pre-med/health pathways at Hopkins and beyond.

Who can join JUMP?

Designed to promote diversity and inclusion in the health professions and the physician workforce, the JUMP community is open to ALL Hopkins students—from first-year students to seniors and Hopkins alumni—who identify as racial and ethnic minorities underrepresented in medicine (URM)* and/or first-generation and/or limited-income students (FLI) who are actively exploring or pursuing careers in medicine and healthcare professions.

*JUMP defines URM (underrepresentation in medicine) using the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) definition: “Underrepresented in medicine means those racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population.” – March 19, 2004 (Grutter Supreme Court Decision)

What programming is available for members of the JUMP community?

Membership in JUMP includes access to and priority participation in all JUMP workshops, panels, events, clinical and research opportunities, committees, mentorship, leadership positions, building a professional network, and much, much more!

JUMP has a dedicated staff that develops and organizes programs around five pillars:

  1. Academic and Standardized Testing Support (MCAT, GRE, DAT, etc.)
  2. Pre-Health Pathways and Milestones
  3. Mentoring
  4. JUMP Community Building/Baltimore Community Connections
  5. Leadership and Health Professions Exploration

JUMP staff members support students throughout their undergraduate careers and bridge years to navigate and access high-impact opportunities and learn what it means to be a strong candidate for medical and health profession schools.

Why is JUMP worth joining?

In addition to access to workshops, individual advising, mentorship, and more, students who belong to the JUMP learning community benefit from:

  • Community support from other Hopkins FLI and/or URM students who can relate to your experiences
  • Long-term, holistic, individual advising and mentorship focused on your unique needs
  • Curated information and opportunities to eliminate pre-med/pre-health pathway confusion and frustration
  • Financial support along the pre-health pathway
  • Opportunities to join JUMP Committees, such as JUMP Student Executives, Social/Wellness/Volunteer Committee, Journal Club, MCAT Committee, Health Professions (non-pre-med) Committee, Engineers in Pre-Health Committee, Humanities Committee, and the Computational Medicine Committee
  • Access to the JUMP Newsletter: JUMP Ahead
  • Unique JUMP opportunities including medical school visits, MCAT bootcamps, shadowing opportunities, and summer research internships

Join the JUMP Community

  • Submit a JUMP Membership Application to determine your eligibility for participation. JHU students and alumni who identify as first generation, limited income, and/or URM can submit a membership application at any time during the year.
  • Attend JUMP-Start, a two hour intake session that introduces JUMP, program offerings, and membership information. These sessions are offered on select dates (evenings and weekends) prior to the start of the semester and in advance of the enrollment deadlines below:

Fall Semester Deadline: September 10, 2022

Spring Semester Deadline: February 10, 2023

Please email any questions to jump@jhu.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!

Complete the JUMP Membership Application!

Get Involved with the JUMP Community (for Health Professionals)

Because JUMP dedicates program resources to the funding gaps that students encounter on the long, expensive pre-health pathways – from the cost of transportation to engage in clinical experiences to the expenses of MCAT preparation and testing – we rely on the voluntary engagement of individuals in the health professions. Engagement takes many forms, from a listing in our directory, sharing your story in our newsletter, serving as a panelist, and reviewing personal statements to creating opportunities for research and mentoring. You choose the type and level of involvement. FLI and URM pre-health students will benefit immensely from your knowledge, skills, personal story, and sheer investment in their success.

If this is the right time for you to engage with the JUMP community, or you would like to engage at a future date, please fill out the Health Professional Interest Form.