What is JUMP?

Johns Hopkins Underserved in the Medical Professions (JUMP) is a large learning community invested in helping students achieve their health professional dreams! Our mission is to close the gaps and dismantle barriers that hinder the application progression of Johns Hopkins students and alumni pursuing health professional careers. Through our collaborative relationships with academic institutions, medical professionals, and community partners, we build bridges of opportunity for aspiring healthcare leaders from under-resourced and/or underserved backgrounds to successfully navigate the pre-med/pre-health pathways at Johns Hopkins and beyond.

Our members engage with the JUMP community and participate in programming and activities that enhance their pre-med/pre-health experience. Membership in JUMP includes access and priority participation for all JUMP workshops, panels, events, clinical & research opportunities, committees, leadership positions, Wellness Program, building a network, and much, much more!

What are the benefits of JUMP membership?

JUMP has a dedicated staff that aligns programming and resources around four pillars of pre-health engagement: Academic, Testing, and Application Support, Leadership and Community Engagement, Immersive Experiences, and Learning and Skill Development.

Membership in JUMP includes access to and priority participation in all JUMP workshops, panels, information sessions, and events. Actively engaged members gain access to a more extensive list of additional supports to serve progression along the pre-health pathway.

Students who belong to the JUMP community benefit from:

  • Community support from Hopkins students with shared experiences
  • Curated information and opportunities to eliminate pre-med/pre-health pathway confusion and frustration
  • Financial support that offsets some of the costs associated with pre-health experiences
  • Opportunities to address and develop essential skills for academic and professional success
  • Direct connection to clinical and research experiences on campus and the surrounding area
  • Unique opportunities that include transportation assistance to pre-health experiences, test preparation programs, first year research, and so much more!

Who can join JUMP?

JUMP is open to all JHU students and recent alums who are committed to pathways as health professionals who engage with culturally and economically diverse communities.

Join the JUMP Community

The JUMP enrollment process involves three steps:

  1. JUMP Membership Application – Submit a membership application to determine your eligibility for participation. JHU students and alumni pursuing health professional careers are eligible for participation. The JUMP Membership Application is available year-round.
  2. JUMP-Start Session – Eligible prospective JUMP members are invited to attend a JUMP-Start session, a one-hour virtual session that introduces JUMP, resources, and benefits of membership. These sessions are offered on select dates (evenings and weekends) prior to the start of the semester and in advance of the enrollment deadlines below.
  3. New Member Form – Upon the completion of the two steps above, prospective members must submit a new member form as the final step to joining the JUMP community.

Applications to join to JUMP should be submitted according to the deadlines below:

Fall Semester Deadline: September 10, 2023

Spring Semester Deadline: February 10, 2024

Please email any questions to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Submit the JUMP Membership Application!


Get Involved with the JUMP Community (for Health Professionals)

Because JUMP dedicates program resources to the funding gaps that students encounter on the long, expensive pre-health pathways – from the cost of transportation to engage in clinical experiences to the expenses of MCAT preparation and testing – we rely on the voluntary engagement of individuals in the health professions. Engagement takes many forms, from a listing in our directory, sharing your story in our newsletter, serving as a panelist, and reviewing personal statements to creating opportunities for research and mentoring. You choose the type and level of involvement. Pre-health students will benefit immensely from your knowledge, skills, personal story, and sheer investment in their success.

If this is the right time for you to engage with the JUMP community, or you would like to engage at a future date, please fill out the Health Professional Interest Form.