We’re delighted to share The Road to the Rhodes” by Zandy Wong (’24 Public Health Studies), JHU’s newest Rhodes Scholar, for the Hopkins Insider blog. Thanks, Zandy!

Where will your experience at Hopkins take you? If you want to deepen your academic training or your experiential learning, a nationally competitive fellowship, scholarship, or grant might be your path to it. The recognition an award brings is only the beginning. You will grow with the experience of advanced study, living abroad, the chance to join a community of fellows and the networks that fellowship opportunities open up.

Even from the application process, you’ll gain transferable skills—benefits that accrue whether you advance or not. Do you know how to write a research proposal? Or how to describe your academic passions to various audiences? Can you pull together the evolution of your interests into a compelling story? The application process builds your self-awareness and helps you take firm hold of the opportunities ahead.

The National Fellowships Program’s advisors guide undergraduates, graduate students, and recent alums toward their most effective applications for nationally competitive awards.

To get started, explore the list of fellowships, read what your peers say about their experiences, and visit our contact page to ask questions or request a meeting.

JHU has been named a top-producing institution of Fulbright student grant winners for 14 years in a row! See our Fulbright page to learn more about these grants and how to apply through JHU.