Contact Our Office

Looking to get in contact with a fellowships advisor in our office?


Have a quick question, a general inquiry, or not sure what you need? Send us an email anytime at [email protected].

We aim to answer all emails with 24-48 hours, but please note that our response time outside of regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5 pm ET) and on holidays may be slower.

Advising Appointments on Zoom

If you know the name of the staff member you would like to speak with, please visit our Scholars and Fellows Staff Contact page on Calendly and choose that advisor’s calendar to find an appointment time for a Zoom video call.

If you would like to speak with someone about a particular award (or awards) that we work on, but aren’t sure with whom, please use our Choose an NFP Advisor form on Calendly to find the right advisor for a given fellowship. If you are interested in more than one award, please select whichever is most of interest on the form. (When in doubt, please use Kathleen Barry’s Calendly page.)

If you do not know of any specific awards you are interested in yet, please spend some time looking at the awards we have listed in our awards directory and create a short list of those you may be interested in before meeting with us. There are many fellowships out there of various kinds and without knowing anything about your academic background, eligibility factors, location preferences, language skills, etc., it’s very hard for us to come up with fellowships to point you to on the spot. We know from experience that it doesn’t make for a productive meeting and we know your time is valuable. So if you could please come prepared to discuss specific opportunities of interest, we would appreciate it!

We also don’t know every fellowship out there – we focus on those with broad national scope. If you are interested in an award that is not included in our awards directory, we are happy to discuss it with you, but please understand we may know nothing more about it than the description on the award website.

If you are seeking feedback on application materials, please email us well in advance of meeting with us. We can’t read an essay, resume, etc. on the spot in a Zoom meeting and offer helpful feedback that way, nor can we necessarily read and provide feedback on a piece of writing with just a few hours’ notice. Thank you!

Prefer to Meet in Person?

During the fall and spring semesters, we maintain a hybrid work schedule. Our default for appointments is Zoom, but if you would prefer to meet with us in person at our offices in the Center for Student Success, please email us to let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Wondering About Office Hours?

Our staff strive to be available as often as possible during weekday business hours through individual advising appointments. As a result, we are not currently holding regularly scheduled office hours.