Welcome to the Center for Student Success

Your Place, Your People

If you are (or are planning to become) a Hopkins undergraduate and you identify as first-generation and/or limited-income (FLI), Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Student Success has your back. Think of our staff as advocates, mentors, signposts, connectors, and guides. We build community among students at JHU and open doors on this campus and beyond.

The FLI Community at Johns Hopkins University

When you arrive at Hopkins, you have an entire community to support you. Lean on your advisors, fellow students, and FLI allies for encouragement, understanding, and the knowledge that you belong here. The FLI Initiatives are a great way in. What you get out of it, above all else, are relationships with people who know where you come from, who understand your day-to-day challenges, and who will be there as you celebrate your accomplishments.

What the FLI Initiatives Have to Offer You

The FLI Initiatives offer holistic support for students with specific interests. What interests you?

  • JUMP navigates the pre-health pathways for students underrepresented in the medical professions.
  • SCAA is open to students looking for powerful academic advising and individualized coaching.
  • The Kessler Scholars Program, which you can enter either upon admission to Hopkins or after your first year, is designed for students who are highly focused on the humanities and social sciences.
  • The FLI Network offers special programming. It’s here whenever you’re ready to find community and make social connections.
  • The Life Design Lab has special programming and opportunities for FLI students, and a Life Design Educator committed to the CSS.

Our FLI Community is here for you. To get connected, stop by or reach out to the Center for Student Success. We will let you know about upcoming events, including FLI Day!