Programs and Events

The Office of Women and Gender Resources offers programming that addresses a variety of relevant topics such as women in leadership, confronting gender-bias on campus and in the workplace, safety and support for all students, and healthy relationships. We are committed to collaborating with campus partners such as the Office of Multicultural Affairs, LGBTQ Life, and Campus Ministries, to name a few, to ensure intersectional programming that empowers our diverse student body.

In March, we host Women’s History Month, a time when Women and Gender Resources collaborates with many different offices and departments at Johns Hopkins, as well as invited guest speakers from around the world, to bring our community an amazing line up of events and programs. Check out what we have done in the past and get in touch if you wish to host a program/event in March.

Women and Gender Resources also invites students to apply for the opportunity to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Each spring, with generous funding from the Office of Student Life, students have the opportunity to attend this conference with nearly 1,000 college women from every state and around the world. If you are interested in attending, please get in touch.


Exploring Gender and Gender Bias

Biases and Binaries

This workshop offers students an opportunity to explore the messages they received about gender growing up and to learn more about how stereotypes, gender roles, and biases can limit the success of students in their day to day lives. We will examine ways in which we all perform and “police” gender, and how embracing a non-binary perspective on gender allows us to be more authentic and inclusive as leaders within our community.

Gender at the Crossroads

In this workshop we will explore how intersecting identities (such as race, religion, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, etc.) influence one’s beliefs about and experiences of gender. Students will be able to examine how gender is understood in the context of other power and privilege relations connected to each of our identities.

Women, Work and Leadership

Pay Equity and Negotiation

This workshop discusses the reality of the wage gap for women in the workplace, particularly after college graduation, and will offer students the tools necessary to learn how to negotiate, assert their voice, and take risks for the salary they deserve.

Success STEMS From You

In this workshop we will assess the gender-based barriers women have faced over time in entering the fields of STEM. Students will learn how to build a leadership “board of advisors” who can advocate, mentor and support women students within their STEM field.

Representations of Masculinities

The Masculinity Project

In collaboration with LGBTQ Life, this project aims to create space and dialogue around men and masculinities. Highlights will include invited guest speakers, faculty-led sessions, films, student workshops, and a men’s health fair. View a list of PDF Document: upcoming Masculinity Project events.