Common Question

In 2023-24, CQ asks you: What is repair?

What needs fixing and who says so? What needs breaking and what needs mending?

When is repair a return and when is it a transformation?

And how can we preempt the need for repair altogether?


This year, the Common Question explores these questions in terms of

pandemic-related learning loss, the arts, climate change,

biomedical advances, telling and retelling histories, and more.

Check out the sources below, contribute to the photo essay, and join the conversation!

Collective Photo Essay

We invite you to look for signs of repair wherever you are now and join the conversation. Take a photo, write a caption, and upload here.

Related Coursework

The First-Year courses below explore the question “What is Repair?” in direct and indirect ways.

Please join Common Question in considering the nature of repair both inside and outside the classroom.

Course Professor Department
AnthroDesign for Healthcare Constanza Miranda Mendoza Biomedical Engineering
Books, Authenticity, and Truth Christopher Celenza History
Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation in Science Amanda Hillard Center for Leadership Education at Whiting School of Engineering
Democracy, Diversity, and Identity Yascha Mounk SNF Agora Institute
Digital Doppelgangers Carly Schnitzler University Writing Program
Doctors and Patients: A Few Case Studies Evelyne Ender Comparative Thought and Literature
Doing Things With Maps Elizabeth Patton Comparative Thought and Literature
Drugs and Society Nese Devenot University Writing Program
Eataly: Constructing Identity Through Food Leonardo Proietti Modern Languages and Literature
Exploring Economic Inequality Barbara Morgan Economics
Feminism and Media Bernadette Wegenstein Modern Languages and Literatures
French Identities: Race, Gender, Religion, and Sexual Orientation in Contemporary France Suzanne Roos Modern Languages and Literatures
Getting a Life James David Velleman Philosophy
Hot Topics in Education Julia Burdick-Will Sociology
How to Not be Afraid of Poetry Sharon Achinstein English
Interrogating the Rhetoric of Belonging Brittany Hull University Writing Program
Introduction to Lives in Medicine – Exploring the Experience of Patients and Practitioners Jacek Mostwin Medicine, Sciences, & Humanities at the School of Medicine
Literary Multilingualism Jacon Haubenreich Modern Languages and Literatures
Means of Persuasion: Language, Culture, and Society Niloofar Haeri Anthropology
Microbe Hunters – Student-Sourcing Antibiotic Discovery Nichole Broderick and Emily Fisher Biology
Mosques, Museums, and the Mind’s Eyes: Discovering Islamic Art in Person Ünver Rustem History of Art
Music, Religion and Healing Homayra Ziad Islamic Studies
Phage Hunters- Discovering Novel Bacteriophages Emily Fisher Biology
Race Before Race – Difference and Diversity in the Ancient Mediterranean Nandini Pandey Classics
Reproduction in the 21st Century: Biology and Politics Barry Zirkin Biology
Seeing Things Ian Phillips Psychological & Brain Sciences
The Haitian Revolution Michael Kwass History
The Human Face of Addiction Hanna Pickard Philosophy
The Pleasures of the Imagination – British Culture in the Eighteenth Century John Marshall History
Tuberculosis Robert Horner Biology
What is Poverty? A View from Economics and the Social Sciences Robert Moffitt Economics
What’s Music Do? Daniel Foster Liberal Arts at Peabody
When Chemistry Changed History Eric Hill Chemistry
Women and Family in Chinese Film Lijing Jiang East Asian Studies