Requesting Housing Accommodations

Students with disabilities may be eligible for accommodations in the university’s residence halls if they formally request them and provide appropriate supporting documentation. To be eligible, students must meet the posted deadlines and follow all policies related to the housing selection process. While late requests for accommodations may be submitted, such requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis and it is less likely that the university will be able to grant them.

Students who were authorized for accommodations during fall semester are guaranteed the same accommodations during their subsequent spring semester without having to make an additional request for the accommodation.

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors who were authorized for accommodations during previous academic years must formally re-request their accommodations before every fall semester, meeting the deadline listed below. These students will receive a letter from the Director of Housing and Operations reminding them of the need to make their request. Students seeking continued accommodation need not resubmit documentation of their disability unless previously informed of the need to do so.

Deadlines for Making a Request

Deadlines for new housing accommodations requests, including the submission of required documentation, are as follows:

  • Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors seeking accommodations during fall semester: Wednesday, June 16th at 5pm
  • Incoming freshmen and transfer students seeking accommodations during fall semester: Wednesday, June 16th at 5pm

*Note: On-campus housing is not typically provided for rising juniors and seniors. It is only granted to those students whose documented disability supports it as a necessary and reasonable accommodation.

Students making new housing accommodations requests for spring semester who weren’t residing on campus during fall semester (i.e. transfer students, students returning from leave of absence, students returning from study abroad, etc.) must do so no later than November 15th. Students who are residing on campus during fall semester without accommodations, but who wish to be accommodated during spring semester, must meet this deadline as well.

How to Request Housing Accommodations

To request housing accommodations, please follow the steps outlined below. “Please keep in mind that students applying for housing accommodations through SDS are still required to complete a housing application prior to the deadline. All incoming first-year students must submit their housing applications online via the housing portal by 11:59pm EST Sunday, June 20, 2021; all rising second-year students must submit their housing applications by 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. If you have any questions regarding your housing application, please reach out directly to the Housing Office by calling 410-516-7960 or emailing”

Step One

Register with SDS and request housing accommodations using Accommodate. For returning students already registered with SDS, and who would like to add a housing accommodation for the first time, log into your Accommodate student portal to “add/change” an accommodation.

Step Two

Contact Student Disability Services at 410-516-4720 or email to arrange an accommodation appointment to discuss the nature of needs and the preferred manner for accommodation.

Step Three

After receiving a request for housing accommodations, SDS will review the request to ensure that the submitted documentation meets documentation guidelines for the university. If guidelines are not met, SDS will email student requesting the required information with an invitation to submit updated documentation. Once the guidelines are met, SDS will confer with University Housing to determine the most reasonable and suitable manner for implementing the accommodation within the residence halls. Diagnoses and other disability-related information will only be shared with the Director of Housing and Operations to the extent necessary to determine appropriate accommodations. All disability-related documentation submitted by students and their medical providers will be maintained in Accommodate.

Reasonable requests supported by valid, comprehensive documentation that do not create an undue burden for the university will be authorized. Alternatives to unreasonable requests will be considered for students whose documentation supports some form of accommodation.

Step Four

University Housing will notify the student via email when a decision has been made regarding whether an accommodation is due and in what form. The student will be invited to speak with the Director of Housing and Operations to discuss implementation of the accommodation if one has been authorized.