Faculty Rights & Responsibilities

Faculty have the right to

  • Establish the academic standards for their courses.
  • Consult with Student Disability Services to determine what accommodations are reasonable for a given course. It is therefore the responsibility of an instructor to provide accommodations, as determined by the SDS-provided “Accommodation Letter”, as long as they do not undermine the academic integrity of the course.
  • Evaluate the academic work of students with disabilities according to the same criteria of evaluation utilized for all other students in the class.

Faculty have the responsibility to

  • Ensure that each course, viewed in its entirety is accessible, e.g. content, texts, and materials, assessment method, online instructions, time requirements, etc.
  • Direct all questions/concerns regarding accommodations for students with disabilities to Student Disability Services.
  • Provide the accommodations listed on the student’s accommodation letter.
  • Direct students they suspect have a disability to Student Disability Services.
  • Provide accommodations only after receiving the accommodation letter from Student Disability Services. Accommodations should not be provided without a letter nor should additional accommodations be provided unless the accommodation would be provided to all students in the class.
  • Maintain confidentiality.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Student Disability Services [email protected].