Intercultural Engagement & Experiences

Culture & Identity Affinity Groups

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion-Multicultural Affairs houses many culture and identity student organizations that utilize the center for events, organizational meetings, and educational resources. Check out these organizations below and get involved!

Culture & Identity Groups Hopkins Groups Link
African Students Association
Albanian Student Association at John Hopkins University
Arab Student Union
Bangledeshi American Student Association
Black Student Union
Brazilian Students Association
Canadian Students Association
Caribbean Cultural Society at Johns Hopkins University
Chinese Students Association
Club Colombia (Colombian Student Association
Cuban American Undergraduate Students Association
Eritrean & Ethiopian Student Association
Female Leaders of Color
Filipino Students Association
Hong Kong Student Association
HUH Multiracial Interest Group
Indigenous Students at Hopkins
Inter-Asian Council
International Pre-Health Society
Japanese American Student Association
JHU German Club
Johns Hopkins Hellenic Students Association
Knotty by Nature
Korean American Student Association
Korean Students Association
Men of Color Hopkins Alliance
Mexican American Student Association
OLÉ Latinx Student Group
Pakistani Student Association
Puerto Rican Student Association
Slavic Students Association at JHU
South Asian Students at Hopkins
Sudanese Student Union
Taiwanese American Students Association
Turkish Student Association
Vietnamese Students Association