ISAH Ambassador Directory


Preferred Pronouns: He/him
I am a(n)…: Undergraduate student
Graduating Year: 2024
JHU Email Address: [email protected]
Academic Focus: Neuroscience
JHU School: Krieger School of Arts & Sciences
Hometown, Country: Blaricum, The Netherlands
Favorite Food: Baltimore crab!
Bio (Hobbies, personal interests, professional interests, organizations, etc.):
I’m a big sports guy; I love soccer, tennis, skiing, field hockey, golf, and many other sports! At Hopkins, I mainly play soccer on the club- and intramural team and I work as an assistant-coach and practice player on the girls varsity field hockey team. Aside from ISAH, I am also involved in TEDxJHU, MED Panel, Food As Medicine Volunteering, Kids Enjoying Exercise Now, academic tutoring, and research! I also like listening to music and exploring international politics and computer science on the side in my free time!

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