Center for Diversity & Inclusion


Through an intersectional lens, the Center for Diversity & Inclusion at Johns Hopkins University fosters a sense of belonging for students by providing intentional engagement and holistic support. Hopkins students are empowered to develop a sense of self, work across differences, and create equitable cultural change.

Our Why

Diversity of people, thought, experience, and background is fundamental to the mission of Johns Hopkins University. Research has shown that being part of a diverse learning community helps us become more creative, entrepreneurial, empathetic, diligent, and even helps us become more engaged citizens within a thriving democracy.

Over the last few years, the Hopkins student body has become increasingly diverse. The university has implemented specific policies and practices, like eradicating legacy admissions and launching the Second Roadmap to Diversity & Inclusion, to ensure that we are attracting and retaining the most diverse and talented student body. At the Center for Diversity & Inclusion, we believe that it is our responsibility as a university to create culturally engaging experiences, programs, initiatives, and communities so that our diverse student body can thrive and flourish here.

Our Who

Through our programs and services, we serve all Hopkins students. We also provide intentional programs and services for students from underrepresented groups, inclusive of sex, gender, marital status, pregnancy, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and veteran status.

We are also the designated advisors for the following student organization councils:

  • Advocates for Disability Awareness
  • Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance
  • Interfaith Council
  • International Students at Hopkins
  • Multicultural Leadership Council
  • Women’s Advisory Council

Our How

We provide four main functional services:

  • Advocacy: We help elevate student voices from underrepresented student groups and triage students to the appropriate resources to ensure that students have access to equitable and inclusive policies and practices. If we can help direct you to the right location or if there is an equity-oriented issue that you would like to alert us to, please email us at [email protected].
  • Community: Every year, we plan and execute 20+ programs and events centering students’ experiences. We are also the category advisors for 100+ student organizations from underrepresented student groups and provide funding opportunities for student-led events. If you are a registered student organization putting on a diversity and inclusion-related event, please feel free to request event sponsorship here.
  • Education: All incoming first-year undergraduate and transfer students are automatically enrolled in our required Identity & Inclusion workshop. In addition, we provide educational workshops for student leaders and student organizations. If you are a student organization or staff member, feel free to request a workshop here.
  • Support: Our Chaplain is one of the confidential resources on campus and our other staff members are also available to meet with students on a variety of issues as needed. Feel free to reach out Chaplain Kathy Schnurr at [email protected]. For any other staff member, feel free to email us at [email protected].

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